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BITSAA Credit Card
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Dear BITSian,

We have partnered with Capital One to launch our newest fundraising program – a BITSAA branded credit card for BITS alumni in the US. This custom credit card has your most memorable and favorite campus picture on the background. You will be supporting BITSAA by doing what you do every day - You just use the card and in the process make valuable cash donations to BITSAA for every purchase you make. Plus, we'll get a $50 bonus donation when you make your first purchase.

This Visa Platinum card comes with a competitive rate and other benefits of the Visa Platinum Card. So sharing your passion and your support is easy and automatic. On top of that, every time you take the card out of your wallet, the bragging rights are solely yours.

The application is just a click away and takes less than 5 minutes

Without spending a penny, you can make:

  • $50 donation to BITSAA after your first purchase
  • 2% donation on your gas and grocery purchases
  • 1% donation on all your other purchases
  • Upto 10% of your purchases made at select merchants


So, share your passion for BITS and donate to BITSAA with your everyday purchases. Apply today by following this link.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email fr[AT] bitsaa[DOT]org

Thanks for your support

Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. Offered by Capital One, N.A. © 2013 Capital One.

Frequently Asked Questions

Card Specific
1. Is this card available to me if I live in India?
No, currently the card is available only to those who live in the US. However, BITSAA is planning to launch a similar card soon for Indian residents.

2. Can I apply for this card if I am a student?
Yes. However, we strongly recommend students who have just arrived in the US not to apply for this card. It is best to wait for at least 6 months to build your credit history and then apply for this card. You will also need a source of income that is more than your current apartment rent to qualify for this card.

3. Will I automatically get a card once I apply for it?
BITSAA cannot guarantee approval of the card as it is subject to credit approval by Capital One. Please read the terms and conditions in the application page before you apply for the card.

4. How long does it take for Capital One to approve or deny my application?
Capital One will inform you of their decision in a mail response within a few weeks

5. What is the APR/balance transfer fee etc?
Please review the terms and conditions on the card application page

1. Why did we choose Capital One?
After reviewing several other credit card providers we chose Capital One as the best option for our organization.

2. Why would Capital One donate to BITSAA? Is the money somehow coming out of my pocket?
Trust us, you just pay for your everyday purchases - not a penny more, not a penny less. Capital One will take care of the rest (making a matching contribution to BITSAA for your purchases).

3. I already have several credit cards. Why should I still apply for this card?
It's a cool card with your favorite BITS campus images. By applying for this card and using it at least once, you are donating $50 to us at no cost to you - this amount goes a long way in supporting our mission and we really need your support now! After using this card once, you can still continue using your other cards (although we would prefer you continue using our BITSAA card).


Raju Reddy(’76) - Chairman and Trustee, BITSAA International

"I love the BITSAA Credit Card and I am using it already."
Rohit Koul(’02) - CEO, BITSAA International

 "Every time my friends ask me how I got this customized credit card, I say, I created it with a 3-D printer!. I do not want anyone else to have this. This is mine! My precious!. Jokes apart, this is a must have for every proud BITSian! What is unique is that you can contribute to BITSAA without donating a single additional penny"

Aalap Tripathy(’04) - Former CEO(2010-2011), BITSAA International

"Have had a chance to raise eye-brows and show-off my pride at being a BITSian with this Card. Not only that, I am proud of being part of a larger initiative to meaningfully give back to BITS through BITSAA.
A must-have for every Proud BITSian who cannot write big cheques yet but still cares"
Arun Aravind (’97) - Former COO(2010-2011), BITSAA International

I have been using the card for a couple of weeks now. I can assure you the experience has been amazing.
To start off, the applying part was simple and quick, next and most importantly it's a very good card (no annual fees and other benefits), it's really a no hassle rewards card. And I must say i have been proudly trying to show it off to others (it's a pity that my non-desi colleagues don't know BITS Pilani).”


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