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BITSAA SVC - Miles Program
BITSAA-SVC will consolidate donated Airline Frequent Flyer Miles and award travel tickets to deserving candidates in BITS. We now accept United Airlines Frequent Flyer Miles. If you have miles that are about to expire, making a donation will also re-activate your account and remaining miles will be redeemable for next 18 months.

or Fax/Email us Donation Form:(PDF) or (Microsoft Word)


Enhance BITS brand to continue attracting quality faculty and students.


Create a sustainable program funded through donated airline miles to support travel requirements of both faculty and students participating in reputed conferences around the world.

Elevating Brand BITS

There are multiple ways to elevate BITS brand. BITS has been well recognized in India for several innovations in the field of education. Of which, Practice School clearly stands out as a great differentiator. Practice School offers the student an opportunity to engage with the real world industry before graduation. This experience is quite magical in transforming the student to a level of maturity satisfying the needs of the industry. Until recently Practice School was offered only in Indian companies. A few years ago, this program has been extended to overseas companies as well with very positive results for both the students and BITS.

Exposing BITS to the world in a persistent and consistent way would be yet another way to continue to elevate its brand. If there was a way to assist the students and the faculty to participate in prestigious conferences around the world we would provide one more channel to do so. This need was felt in 2008, when a student was accepted to present his paper at the ACM conference held in Milan but had no means to purchase the $1000 air ticket.

BITSAA-SVC Miles Program is an initiative to address this mission.

We have established a relationship with Rotary International to consolidate donated Airline Frequent Flyer Miles and award travel tickets to the deserving candidates. Currently, we are accepting United Airlines Frequent Flyer Miles.

Ways To Contribute

  • Donate Miles: All you need to do is pledge your United Mileage Plus account miles in the online donation form. Alternatively, you could fill (PDF FORM) and fax or email to – we’ll consolidate them into a single account and purchase award tickets in one of the Star Alliance Partner Airlines. If you have miles that are about to expire, making a donation will also re-activate your account and remaining miles will be redeemable for next 18 months.
    Make Secure Online Donation or
    Download Donation Form:(PDF) or (Microsoft Word)
  • Credit Card Points: If you use a Rewards Credit Card that earns points, check if you are able to convert your points to United miles and donate.

  • Sponsor an award travel to your favorite conference: If you have a great idea to sponsor travel to a particular event, we can work out the details with you– email to

If your frequent flyer accounts are with other Airline Programs, please check with us again. We are pursuing to include other Airlines in the program.

College Graduation Bonus - An opportunity for Students

If you are still a student and unsure as to how you'd participate in this program, this is your opportunity!
During our research to find programs that could benefit this initiative, we stumbled upon an announcement that is beneficial for BITS students in US. United Airlines will give a Graduation Bonus of 10000 miles to students in US colleges!
Here is how you can avail of this offer:
1. While still a student i.e. prior to graduation, sign up for United College Plus Mileage account.
2. Within 12 months of graduation , send to United the following
  • Confirmation of Graduation -a copy of your official, final transcript showing that you did indeed graduate as a full-time student from a U.S. college or university.
  • Account information - Your United College Plus/Mileage Plus account number and your e-mail address.
Please use College Plus web page for getting United's address, guidelines and other bonus offers in this Program.

Miles Donors

Please visit the Donors page for an up to date list of donors.
Total Donations received so far: 100,811 miles

More about the Miles Program

What are the qualifying travel purposes?

Program is restricted to specific conferences or workshops in fields of engineering, sciences, economics and management.

Conferences List

The student is required to present a paper in the conference or a working model in a workshop/competition.

BITS Professors travel to participate in prestigious conferences such as the MIT’s Technology Review, which concerns topics like globalization, energy, technology, career development, and social entrepreneurship

BITS participation in educational conferences – panel discussions of eminent educational innovators for example ACM SIGCSE conference on principles of educational reform, technologies used to enhance teaching

How are selections made?

A selection committee, comprising of BITS faculty is in charge of reviewing applications and administering travel awards.

Students are required to present a detailed proposal to the selection committee about the conference or workshop. Selection would be based purely on the merit of the proposal to achieve vision set above. Students are encouraged to avail the support of the faculty advisors.

Faculty travel awards would follow a process of peer review.

What share of the total expenses does Miles Program cover?

Miles Program is based on three-way funding to encourage deserving candidates to participate.

  • BITS institute is committed to funding part of travel expenses
  • Air miles donated by BITS Alumni towards award tickets
  • Participant is responsible for the remaining expense

Why is mileage donation not tax deductible?

The IRS does not recognize donations of airline frequent flyer miles as tax deductible since taxes were not collected from individuals when they earned the miles. For further information, we suggest you consult IRS Publication and/or your personal tax advisor.

What about miles that have an expiry date?

If miles in your account are about to expire, making a donation will also re-activate your account and remaining miles will be redeemable for next 18 months.

Do donated miles expire within the charity account as well?

No. Miles once transferred to charity account will not expire.

Other than United, on which airlines can I elect to credit air miles to my Mileage Plus account?

When you fly one of Mileage Plus partners or Star Alliance partners, you can elect to have your Mileage Plus account credited with the miles from your trip.
Star Alliance includes among others Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, US Airways, Air Canada.

Mileage Plus Airline Partners include among others Jet Airways, Emirates.
For complete lists click here

Which are the non-airline partners in Mileage Plus?

Non-airline partners in Mileage Plus include several hotels, credit cards, restaurants, rental cars. For complete list click here

I didn’t request miles credit. How do I request retro-credit?

If you didn’t request miles credit, you can get retro credit and donate any Star Alliance travel miles and non-air partner miles in past year. For more information click here

How does BITSAA SVC partnership with Rotary International work?

Rotary International, partner of United Airlines Foundation Charity Miles Program, has provided BITSAA SVC with membership in Rotary Miles Program that allows us to make travel award purchase using Rotary Account.

Rotary International Travel Service also provides help with purchase of award tickets.

Let us know if you have any comments, email to

Please note: Rotary Miles Program will be used to consolidate donated United Airlines Frequent Flyer Miles and award travel tickets to the deserving academic candidates in BITS.

Terms and conditions: Please do understand that the mileage will be deducted directly from your Mileage Plus account and the mileage donation is not tax deductible.

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