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BGM 2013|2014 - Where, Who?
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Dear BITSians,

When we started the BGM 2014 bidding process, we thought we might receive an expression of interest from one or two chapters, and we would choose one of those without too much deliberation as the choice would have been obvious. Much to our surprise, there was an outpouring of interest: five bids, each stronger than the other, each more creative than the other, and each more enticing than the other!

Our predicament in the selection process has been indescribable. We wish it was like the five Pandavas bidding for Draupadi (BGM)! Alas, the BGM can be hosted in only one place. We went round and round, ranked all five bidders on a number of dimensions, weighted by the importance of those dimensions, and Aalap kept us awake till late at night! In the end we tipped our hat to Hyderabad. Congratulations! However, we are confident all five bidders as well as others like the Silicon Valley Chapter, the Australia chapter, and …. will all roll up their sleeves to stage a BGM event that will last a couple of days in calendar time, but decades in our memories!

We want to congratulate Hyderabad for a bid that inspired confidence in the team’s organization, a bid that awed us with its creativity, and a bid that delighted us with its enthusiasm. And still it was a close call: the Dubai bid was alluring and the Goa bid equally tempting. Jaipur had color, and Indore had chaat, so they weren’t far behind either.

We thank you for participating in the bid for BGM. The entire selection committee is available to answer any questions. More importantly, while we may not be rested, we sure are ready to help you in making the next BGM a success.


Raju and SP

The BGM Selection Committee: Aalap Tripathy, CS Goel, Kris Ramachandran, Raju Reddy, Sarath Kolla, SP Kothari, and Sudeep Jain

February 15, 2012

Bids & Committee Worksheet: Please contact aalap[AT]bitsaa[DOT]org if you would like a copy of the 5 bids received or the Committee's worksheet in arriving at the decision on behalf of BITS Alumni and BITS Pilani. The Next-BGM shall be organized by all BITSAA Chapters, BITSAA International & BITS Pilani jointly with the Lead Chapter being BITSAA Hyderabad for 2014.

Dear BITSAA Chapter-Leader,

On the last day of BGM2011-Delhi, a small committee consisting of SP Kothari, CS Goel, Raju Reddy, Sudeep Jain, Sarath Kolla, Aalap Tripathy and Chairmanship of Kris Ramachandran was created with a mandate to decide dates and announce the next "Lead Chapter" of BGM2.0. The Committee has decided on the dates after due deliberation and wishes to undertake a bidding process to select the next "Lead Chapter". As has become precedent, BGM shall be conducted as a joint effort between BITS Pilani, BITSAA Chapters, BITSAA international with a "Lead Chapter(s)" driving the organization on the ground. 

We would like to invite you to consider hosting the next BITSAA Global Meet in your city. The Next-BGM Selection Committee has decided on late-2013/early-2014 as the designated dates. This is by design since the Golden Jubilee for BITS Pilani will occur in 2014. This has received the concurrence from the Vice Chancellor of BITS Pilani (Prof. B N Jain), Prof. KE Raman (Chairman, Alumni Affairs Division) and all other BITS Directors (Prof. G Raghurama, Prof. V S Rao, Prof. R K Mittal). The BITS Leadership has offered their unequivocal support to the future organizers of BGM-2014.  This email message is going to all chapters globally.

Given that a couple of chapters have expressed an interest in hosting the next Global Meeting of BITSians, we feel that is fair for all willing chapters to present your plans for the same and also understand the expectations. Attached is a brief outline document which will assist you in making a bid document.  

A Chapter (or an alliance of chapters) may make a bid to take the "lead role" for conducting the next-BGM in the host city. While we do not recommend making a bid with a venue outside of your city, bids including a BITS Campus as the venue and an alliance of chapters will be accepted. However, such bids must have the concurrence from the BITS Campus Director. 

We recommend that the bid be conducted in two phases:
1. Phase 1: Nov 30th - Dec 30th 2011 - Convene a Chapter Meeting to discuss whether your chapter should bid. If so, who is willing to be involved? Where will the venue be? How many delegates do you plan to host? What is your recommendation for the exact dates? Why should the Committee choose one location over another? What is your Budget expectation? What will be the Theme and Branding benefits to BITS Pilani? What facilities will you propose?
2. Phase 2: Dec 30th 2011 - Jan 30th 2012 - Consult with the outgoing BGM Executive Committee Members ( to strengthen your bid. Gain behind the scenes information, the success-story, what could/should be done better?

Finally, submit your bid document to on or before Jan 30th, 2012. The Next-BGM Committee hopes to announce the venue, exact date and Lead Chapter(s) by February 15th, 2012. We hope you will give our request due consideration.

Bid PPT: Link
(Information is in the Notes Section)

Some Reference Information: Link
(These are some template bids)


SP Kothari, CS Goel, Raju Reddy, Kris Ramachandran,
Sudeep Jain, Sarath Kolla, Aalap Tripathy (Secretary)
Next-BGM Selection Committee - 2014
November, 30th, 2011

Next-BGM Bid Timelines

BITSAA Global Meet 2011 Team
The BGM-2011 Organizing Team (Basking in the success after the event!) and hoping to pass the baton soon..
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