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BITSAA SVC - Hear from our leaders
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Hear what our leaders have to say .....

Chandra Bhople ('74) - President Emeritus
Chandra Bhople is Director of Business Development at Osellus Inc., a software product company with offices in USA and Canada. He has worked in USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and India for companies such as Osellus, TechSpan, Sun Microsystems, DEC, Wang and HCL. His expertise is in general management, marketing and sales and has experience of working with customers from various industries such as Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Telecommunication, Government and Education. For last few years, Chandra has been active in education field in India and abroad. He holds MBA and B E in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from BITS Pilani.

"When I moved from Sydney to Bay area in 1999, I knew only a few BITSians who were from around my batch in Pilani. It was only in 2004 when Jayan Ramankutty convinced me to participate in BITS Connect project that I realized how easy it was to connect with other BITSians whom I had never known. There is one thing a small place like Pilani does very well and that is creating an instant affection and common way of thinking among BITSians. Something happens to our DNA during those 4 or 5 years in Pilani. Subsequent to my involvement in BITS Connect project, organizing annual event and initiating BITSAA SVC Golf I had an opportunity to lead as the president of BITSAA Silicon Valley since 2007. My biggest personal achievement during these 3.5 years is having an opportunity to work with Gen Y BITSians and increasing their involvement in actually running BITSAA. The experience I gained during these interactions has helped me to identify an opportunity and to establish OCTAVE Business School along with seven (7) other Gen Y BITSians, in November 2009 in Nagpur. Who knows this may be a small step towards achieving very large contribution by BITSians in promoting quality management education in India."
- Chandra Bhople (74xxx434), EEE, MMS

Badhri Varanasi ('99) - Secretary Emeritus
Badhri Varanasi (1999A7PS034), is a Senior Software Developer at Oracle USA Inc. He has been actively involved with BITSAA-SVC for three years, organizing alumni reunions and talks on entrepreneurship, among other things. At BITS, Badhri was a core member of the Computer Science Association(CSA), and served as its Second Year Rep(00-01) and 'Co-ord' for APOGEE 2002. He also holds an MS Degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While in Madison, he served on the Graduate Admissions Committee.

"When I moved to the bay area in 2005 and attended my first BITSAA-SVC reunion, i knew that I wanted to be involved in some way with the organization. The primary motivations were to give back to BITS and to leverage the wide BITS alumni base to expand my professional network. Very soon, I got to know the fantastic team at BITSAA on a personal level and enjoyed working with them on several initiatives, reunions, picnics etc. Our connection extended beyond the professional level and I gained several new friends, many of whom I've come to trust and whose company I enjoy. I was privileged to be Secretary of the organization from 2008 to 2010 and derived great satisfaction from the launch of the Mile Donation program and the ACYUT Robotics initiative. These leadership experiences served me well during my application process for B-Schools, and I also had the benefit of access to several alumni who'd taken the same path before. "
- Badhri Varanasi (1999),Comp Sci

"The many non-academic opportunities I had at BITS also shaped my personal development and made me want to always remain connected.  As a member of Silicon Valley BITS Alumni Association, I am part of the core committee that organizes social activities and facilitates networking events.  A significant gain of being part of BITSAA is the opportunity to appreciate the enormous strength of the BITS Alumni network.  While helping institute the Miles Donation Program, I have had an awesome experience and could appreciate the pride and passion among the BITS Alumni, students and faculty.  My biggest gain was working on miles program initiative with very senior Alumni of BITSAA Silicon Valley."

- Dilip Adityan (1999),EEE

"I started volunteering at BITSAA SVC in 2003 and have served as the CFO from 2008-2010. I've always found BITSAA SVC to be a community of like-minded, fun and passionate alumni. Post grad-school, most Bitsians end up working in high-tech companies around the valley. And the valley being mini-India, there a ton of non-profit organizations one can choose to spend their spare time with. For me, choosing BITSAA was a no-brainer. The kind of people I've met, the friends I've made, the leadership/organizational skills I've built up and of course the chance to network with all the successful and talented Bitsans here has been proof enough for that. I'm sure that if I choose to be an entrepreneur one day, I have several mentors in the BITSAA community who I can rely upon for some solid guidance"
- Lakshmi Narayanan (96A8PS151),E & I

"When I came to the bay area in 2006 to do my Masters in Stanford I was lucky to have as classmates a group of closely knit Bitsians . We were helped immensely to make the area feel like a home away from home by the leaders of the SVC chapter and from then on I have been part of the SVC family. The opportunity to meet like-minded Bitsians and network with the Who's Who of the alumni community has been something I will always be grateful of . My biggest gain has been helping grow the BITS brand through the Marketing & Outreach initiatives of the chapter , an experience that has benifited me both personally and professionally.  I'm certain that one day if I were to reach out to all those I have interacted with in the BITSAA community they would be there to help me both as a mentor and a friend "

- Bhargav  Addala(2002A4PS365), Mech


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