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BITSAA 0% Loan Program
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 About the Program 

The 0% loan program is a BITSAA initiative taken to provide loans to students who want to attend international conference, competition or a fellowship program.  It is a peer-peer lending program where BITSIANs can lend funds at 0% interest to another BITSian for educational purposes.  Donors can setup loans named after them that can stay in perpetuity. The lender/donor can also serve as a mentor to the borrower and connect with them through the BITSAA portal. BITSAA will update the lender/donor on the educational progress of the borrower. If you are an interested donor or lender, please contact for more details on the program.   



If you would like to contribute to the scholarship program, you can Donate Online. All contributions are tax-deductible, and donors will receive a receipt at year end from BITSAA.

If you would prefer to mail a check, please make it out to "BITSAA International", mention "BITSAA Graduate Application Scholarship" in the memo section and mail it to: 

BITSAA International
Attn: CFO, BITSAA International,
1560 Sunnyvale Saratoga Road, 
Suite 200, 
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-4597


If you mail us a check, please don't forget to include your return address, the words "BITSAA Graduate Application Scholarship" on the check and an email address so we can mail your receipt and contact you if necessary.


To know about the BITSAA Expert Panel, click here.




0% Loan Program – How it Works



Active Loans Programs

Name Donor Seed Amount Causes Supported
Yugaa Travel Loan
Sarath Kolla ‘93
$5,000 Travel and attendance costs for conferences, seminars and competitions
General Loan Fund
Rohit Koul ‘02
$2,000 Travel and attendance costs for conferences, seminars and competitions
Anurag Jain 0% Loan Fund
Anurag Jain $10,000 Travel and attendance costs for conferences, seminars and competitions


0% Loan Application

We are currently not accepting any applications for 0% loan program.

Please complete the form and submit from this link here
Also please mail the submitted form and relevant supporting documents to scholarships-team.

Loan Guidelines

  1. BITSAA Loan Scholarships aims to provide partial financial support to the students attending non-technical or business or social entrepreneurship conferences/summits/fellowships, abroad. (HPAIR, World Business Dialogue, StartingBloc etc).event/conference.
  2. Conferences and allied events related to literature studies, economics, finance, personality development, etc. are covered under BITSAA loan program.
  3. Only students who are currently pursuing their undergraduate/graduate degree in one of the BITS campuses are eligible to apply for BITSAA Loan Scholarships. The travel period should necessarily lie in between the period of his/her study at BITS. Practice school is within the course curriculum and hence considered to be within the period of study.
  4. International thesis and internships requests are not accepted /funded under BITSAA loan program. (This clause can be reverted in the future depending on the availability of funds with BITSAA to be offered as loans.)
  5. The maximum financial assistance provided by the BITSAA Loan Program would depend on the fund from which the loan amount is sourced. The currently available funds are:
    • Yugaa Travel Loan Fund Travel and attendance costs for conferences, seminars and competitions Maximum INR 25,000 as per loan policy.
    • General Fund Any Educational Purpose Maximum INR 25,000 as per loan policy.
    • Anurag Jain Fund Travel and attendance costs for international competitions, conferences and seminars $1000 disbursements for four students/year (or) maximum of $2,500.
  6. If the recipient of BITSAA Loan finds other sources to fund his/her travel, he/she must provide details about them. BITSAA holds the right to revert a loan in case the recipient finds sufficient funds (as determined by the committee) to support his/her travel expenses from other sources.
  7. Applications are accepted year round, but must be received as early as possible and ideally, 60 days prior to the beginning of the travel.
  8.  International conferences conducted within India are not eligible for loan scholarships.
  9. Student can receive BITSAA Travel Scholarship and BITSAA Travel Loan (each program separately) only once during his/her tenure at BITS. This is to ensure that every student gets equal opportunity to be benefited by the scholarship/loan program.
  10. The student cannot avail both travel scholarship and 0% loan to attend the same event/conference.

 Please note: The policies and eligibility criteria have changed recently and as per the new policy we are not accepting requests for internships and thesis.

For all queries please mail in to

Recipients of BITSAA 0% Loan Fund (2012-2013)

Anmol Gupta

Anmol Gupta is currently a 5th year undergraduate student in the department of Economic and Finance at BITS Pilani, Pilani campus. Presently, he is working as an intern at Investment Banking department of J.P. Morgan Services Pvt. Ltd. for his practice school 2 program. During his course of study at BITS Pilani, Anmol undertook various projects in diverse fields. Under the guidance of Prof. Arya Kumar, he has presented a research paper titled "Macro-economic determinants to forecast stock market index” at International conference on economics and social sciences 2013, which was held at Bangkok. This gave him  an exposure to economic developments in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Japan and South Africa. He is currently working on two more research papers, concerning management of Indian trade deficit and volatility patterns in Indian stock market respectively. During APOGEE 2012, he won a first prize for a project to forecast input-output coefficient matrix using matrix algebra. During APOGEE 2011, he won a second prize for a project which forecasted revenues of internet marketing firms using econometric techniques. After graduation, Anmol plans to pursue PhD in economics. He wants to work with government organizations like Reserve Bank of India, Planning Commission and Finance Ministry. 

Olive Chakraborty 

Olive Chakraborty is currently a 4th year student at BITS Pilani, Pilani campus doing his undergraduation in M.Sc. Mathematics and B.E. Computer Science. From his first year at college he has been involved in some basic research at department of Mathematics. During his Practice School 1 tenure (in R&D center for Iron and Steel in SAIL), he did a project on Mathematical Modeling and also wrote two research papers, one of which was presented at the International Conference of Physical and Numerical simulation of materials processing held at Oulu, Finland and the other at International Conference of Rolling and finishing technology of steel held at SAIL, Ranchi. Through these papers Olive developed a new mathematical model for predicting the various parameters involved in the process of rolling and finishing technology of ductile and malleable products. Currently he is working on a mathematical model that defines an equilibrium point for the unemployment scenario worldwide involving the various government and private sector companies and the unemployed population. Olive has deep interest in cryptography and network security and hopes to pursue higher education in these domains.

Bhavesh Pandey

Bhavesh Pandey is currently a third year undergraduate student in the department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus. His interest includes Embedded Systems and VLSI design. Guided by Dr. Anita Agrawal, he published a paper titled "Automatic Sun Tracking System using PSoC” in International Journal of Innovative Research in Science Engineering and Technology (IJIRSET). Did the same work on FPGA and revised the paper which got accepted in International Conference on Electronics Engineering and Grid System (ICEEGS), Bangkok. Currently working on design of 3-Dimensional FinFETs. Also working on Smart Grid Systems to monitor and control the power requirements of college.

Deepan Kishore Kumar

Deepan Kishore Kumar is currently pursuing his Third year of Electronics and Communication Engineering at the Dubai Campus. In his first year at BITS he was an active member of the IFOR Team that ranked First at the International Aerial Robotics Competition held at North Dakota, USA. Continuing his journey from Robotics, he also pursued projects in MEMS under the able guidance of Dr.R.K.Mittal and Dr.N.N.Sharma of Dubai and Pilani Campuses respectively. He is also an active member of the BITSAA Middle East Chapter and Campus Relation Leader for BITSAAi. His passion for research and innovation in higher education motivated him to research on the trends in Higher education curricula of India that led to the genesis of his paper titled "An Adaptive Curriculum for Higher Education" that got accepted at 4th International EDULearn-12 Conference. At the conference, he got an opportunity to witness the real world challenges faced by educational and research institutions and how technological innovations like e-learning, web course ware, virtual teaching, etc. are changing the lives of millions of students in developing countries.


Recipients of Anurag Jain 0% Loan Fund (2011-2012)

Jinal Shah (2009A3PS010G)

Jinal Shah is currently a third year undergraduate in the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering(EEE) at BITS Pilani K. K. Birla Goa Campus. His interest lies in the field of VLSI Design, FPGA based Design, Embedded System design. He served as secretary of EEE association of the campus in his second year. He will be pursuing his final year thesis at EECS department in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He will work in the field of "Sub threshold Ultra Low Power CMOS VLSI Circuit design”.


Gaurav Khandelwal ( 2008C6PS437H)

Gaurav KhandelwalGaurav Khandelwal is currently a fourth year undergraduate in the department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad. He has presented his research work in Traffic Engineering in computer networks at National level technical competition held at BITS Pilani, Apogee. He has published on Improved Object Lookup in Unstructured peer to peer overlays in Springer(International) and Probabilistic Routing using Queueing theory for Manets in International Journal of Mobile and Wireless Networks(IJWMN). He has also published his work on heuristic based query optimization in an International journal (IJSER). He has served as the President of Information Systems Association at BITS-Hyderabad. His current works are in mobile network security, Peer to Peer Overlays, Publish/Subscribe, MANETs, Games Bots Detection.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of events are supported?

Technical/Entrepreneurial events/conferences, paper presentation.

Are application related to Thesis/Internships accepted?


Can I apply for the scholarship even though I have been working for the last n years?

No. You have to be on-campus  student to apply for BITSAA Travel Scholarship

What documents do I need to send along with my application?

Details provided in the application form. If we need anything more, we will contact you by email.

How can I contribute? Are contributions tax-deductible? Will I get a receipt? Can I contribute online or with a check?

Please see Contribute section for answers to these, and related questions.

How are scholarship recipients selected?

Recipients will be selected by a committee that will include contributors to the scholarship fund, and members nominated by BITSAA, but will primarily consist of BITSians in senior academic/research positions. We believe they will be best qualified to determine the best candidates for the scholarships. The committee will set precise criteria every year, but students will typically be asked to provide resumes, links to any publications or reports, and answering any questions the committee may have.


Please provide carefully researched and reasonable estimates of costs for your proposed travel

I understand that if I cancel or terminate any planned travel or do not receive reimbursement from the host organization, I am responsible for re-payment of the loaned funds from BITSAA.

I agree to submit a scanned copy of the relevant travel receipts and a written report within 2 weeks after the completion of my travel, describing my trip, reflecting on the accomplishment of the goals stated in my proposal, and assessing the effect of my travel on my academic and personal development. I am aware that parts of this report may be maintained for access by members of the BITSAA community, including students who may be applying for the BITSAA Loans in the future. I agree that excerpts from my report, with proper attribution where appropriate, may be published by BITSAA for the purpose of promotion of the BITSAA Loan.

I shall take entire responsibility to obtain the reimbursement from the host organization and shall keep BITSAA informed of the reimbursement and return the funds immediately on receipt from the host organization.

I declare that the information supplied by me on this form is complete and correct in every particular. I understand that BITSAA reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision made on the basis of incomplete or incorrect information.

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