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Let's Promote BITS-Pilani - How Can Alumni Help?
What is 'Let's Promote BITS-Pilani' initiative?

This initiative was thought of when there were growing concerns on the popularity of BITS-Pilani among the student community. All of us wanted BITS- Pilani and all its campuses to be the first choice for an aspirant. Besides this, the unique features and flexibilities offered at BITS-Pilani are often not clear to many students who want to seek enrolment into degree programmes offered at BITS-Pilani.
That's when we decided to start this initiative - "Lets Promote BITS-Pilani".
Aim of 'Let's Promote BITS-Pilani'

The aim of this initiative is to get the brightest minds to each of the four BITS-Pilani campuses (Pilani, Goa, Dubai and Hyderabad) and ensure than awareness about the unique features of BITS-Pilani is generated among high school students, parents and school faculty. We plan to achieve this by carrying out interactive information sessions about BITS-Pilani in high schools and colleges at various places in India.

How can you help?

We are looking for alumni who are interested to conduct such information sessions on BITS-Pilani in various schools and college and hence, contribute to the brand-building of BITS-Pilani by promoting its unique story. Game for it?
What are you required to do?

You, as 'Ambassadors of BITS-Pilani' will be expected to do the following as per phase-II of Let's Promote BITS-Pilani initiative:
  • Contact your 12th class schools/colleges (or other school/colleges if you wish) and let them know of the idea and usefulness of such an information-session in the school for the benefit of students;
  • Fix up a date and time (if possible) for the information session;
  • Provide the schools with posters informing students about the date/time/venue of the session in advance;
  • Deliver the presentation with/without the aid of presentation slides (depending on infrstructure provided by school authorities);
  • Answer queries of enthusiastic students with respect to BITS-Pilani, student lifestyle, all campuses, unique features, academics, flexibilities, admissions etc.;
  • Collect feedback for the session conducted;
  • Send the updates to the LPBP team and share it among other volunteers/Ambassadors to improve the initiative approach.
Its simple! Isn't it?
Remember, it is the timely support and little bit of enthusiasm on the part of BITSians that can make this initiative a big success!
Why Do It?

Apart from helping achieve the objectives of this collaborative initiative between the on-campus students and BITSian alums, there are a number of advantages associated with you being a part of this initiative:
  • You will get a golden chance to represent BITS-Pilani at your college/school. Remember, you are going to school as a 'Proud to Be BITSian' Ambassador and your actions will affect the BITS-Pilani brand among the students out there. So it gives you an opportunity to carry yourself at the very best.
  • You can start building your network of school students and colleagues, and choose to act as their mentor for future decisions and activities.
  • BITSAA International will certify your distinguished contribution in driving this initiative to its fruits.
  • Most importantly, you get a chance to show the world 'what is means to be a BITSian'.
What is expected out of the Schools/Colleges?

The schools/colleges must permit to conduct such sessions for their 11th-12th class students. They can preferably provide us with a large hall with addressing system and projection facility (if possible). Also, prior information about the date and time of this session and associated advantages must be communicated to all interested target students well in advance by putting up the posters prepared by BITSAA International and sent to the schools.
In our experience, schools till now (based on Phase-I statistics) have responded very positively and in an extremely cooperative manner for all LPBP sessions. We are sure it will be the same in your case too!

Game for it?
Be a part of the biggest grassroots brand-building exercise for BITS-Pilani! Sign up for this initiative here. Once you are done, we will get back to you very soon with plan of action and the next step.
Got Questions?
For any clarifications, please drop a word to and/or
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