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Mantra Awards
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Application period for Mantra awards 2015 is now closed!

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Dear BITSians

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) at BITS Pilani aims to create future leaders at BITS Pilani. CEL not only seeks to create all-round leaders, but also focuses specifically on students who break new grounds in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation and social ventures. In addition, CEL aims to empower and inspire BITSian women to play a significant leadership role.

The Mantra awards were instituted by CEL, in 2009, to recognize and reward outstanding students who have demonstrated extraordinary leadership potential and/or entrepreneurial initiative. Anupendra Sharma, co-founder of CEL, Investment Partner at Siemens Venture Capital in Boston, and CEL Alumni Advisor had initiated the creation of the Four ‘Mantra Awards’ namely :

  1. Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership – 2 awards (1 male, 1 female): For outstanding achievement in areas of leadership, with a particular focus on at least 1 outstanding achievement in a chosen category, and consistent demonstration of all-round leadership potential. Rs. 5,000 each in prize money.
  2. Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year Award: For outstanding achievement in entrepreneurship demonstrated during the stay at BITS, either in writing business plan(s), starting social or commercial ventures, or creating commerializable innovations on campus. Rs. 5,000 in prize money.
  3. Mantra Award for Social Leadership: For demonstrating a commitment to social leadership either through the creation of sustainable ventures or for contribution in not-for-profit events on campus. Rs. 5,000 in prize money.
  4. Mantra Innovator of the Year Award: For demonstrating an ability to invent or build innovative products or ideas in the labs. (Optional Award)


These awards shall be open to all current, full-time students of BITS Pilani (on-campus or Practice School), excepting:

  • CEL student member on the Award selection Panel
  • Any past winner of Mantra Awards in that category
  • Any student with a record of indiscipline and/or malpractice at BITS Pilani.


Cases where eligibility is not clear will be decided by the Award Panel.

CEL will also proactively seek out people to nominate as recipients of these awards.

The Panel

The Panel will include faculty members and students from all the four campuses.

In order to ensure fairness, the identity of the student on the Panel shall be known only to the Panel members and the CEL Student President.

The faculty members for the next year’s Panel will be decided by the Panel members, with advice from the CEL Faculty Coordinator and Student President.

Faculty members may serve the Panel for more than one year. Student members may not serve for more than one year.

Calling for Nominations

· The Panel would call for nominations beforehand by electronic submission.Click here for the application form.

· CEL should also proactively nominate deserving candidates.

· CEL student body would be responsible for coordinating the awards.

· Advertisements calling for nominations shall be put up on campus. They would also be marketed electronically, through email etc.


Selection Process

The selection process will be in two steps.

  1. Candidates submit a short write-up on their achievements electronically.
  2. If required, more information would be requested from the candidates

Winners would be announced at the event. All nominees would be invited.


Mantra Awards 2015 Winners

Pilani Campus

Pragyun Vinayak  – Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Male) 

 Pragun Vinayak is a third year undergraduate, currently pursuing his B.E. (Hons.)  in Civil Engineering. Born and brought up in the city of Chandigarh, he belongs to a  family with strong academic interests and leadership qualities. His college life has been a mixed recipe, academics sprinkled generously with extra-curricular activities. He believes leading teams with the right amount of motivation and healthy criticism have been an integral part of his professional qualities. Currently, he holds the position of the team leader of the Government Interfacing and Citizenship Empowerment Team (under the aegis of Nirmaan, a Non-Profit-Organization with chapters across five states in India) and the Vice-President of the BITSMUN Society. In the recent past, he has acted as the Joint-Coordinator for Nirmaan Organization at the inter-collegiate cultural extravaganza Oasis. At Unnati, the women empowerment project at Baas near Pilani, his team has been instrumental in helping over a dozen women become economically independent and develop entrepreneurial acumen through vocational training in stitching, knitting and marketing. Coupled with the extra-curricular endeavours, he has been a consistent academic high-flyer bagging the prestigious Merit Scholarship and the OPJEMS Scholarship for 2014. Presently a summer research fellow at the Indian Institute of Science(Bangalore), he shall be pursuing his thesis there this fall.  Pragun is a keen follower of lawn tennis and an avid fan of William Dalrymple’s novels. 


Akshita Aggarwal  – Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Female)

Hello. My name is Akshita Agarwal and I am a final year undergraduate student of B.E (Hons.) in Civil at BITS Pilani, Pilani Campus. I have been offered a full-time position as Business Analytics Associate at ZS Associates, Gurgaon which I look forward to joining come July.I am an enthusiastic person and have always looked for making best use of the resources available to me. And so, have endeavored into a lot of different activities (debating, poetry, Equity research, Olympiads etc) and held a good number of positions (Election Commission, Department of Sponsorship & Marketing for BOSM, Civil Engineering Association, Capitol, Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter) at all hierarchical levels provided to me at BITS. My PS1 Internship was at Funskool India Ltd. where I worked directly under The Assistant Manager (Molding Shop) and proposed data-driven changes in the production process to increase efficiency and reduce raw material wastage.I am a hardworking individual dedicated to delivering excellent results. My interests lie in reading nonfiction and newspapers and learning new languages. I am currently working on my thesis on Gated Communities in DLF Gurgaon.What I feel differentiates me from others is my holistic approach towards analysing any situation. I keep all stakeholders in mind while making a decision and I believe this is why I have succeeded in my leadership roles. 

Saurabh Maurya  – Mantra Award for Social leadership 

Saurabh Maurya is the co-founder and Technical Lead of Bandhana, a start-up focused on providing technical and strategic support to NGOs to collect more relevant data about their programs. Bandhana won the prestigious Tata NEN Judges Choice award in 2014.Always interested in entrepreneurship, the Jagriti Yatra has helped him cement his decision to pursue a start-up post college.As a core committee member of the Public Policy group, he is exploring the flow of information from government schools to the Government of Rajasthan.Saurabh has been a spoken English teacher for NSS in 2014 and has received formal training in the same from the British Council.Academically, machine learning and data sciences interest him, and he is on the lookout for start-ups which work in the same.
He believes that Bitsians everywhere should strive to be job creators, not job seekers. 


 Amitabh Aggarwal  – Mantra Award for Entrepreneur of the year

I am Amitabh ,currenty in second year and pursuing B.E. Hons Civil at pilani campus.I am a workaholic kind of guy .I am Coordinator of Radioaktiv and BITSAA Cell Pilani and the founder of 'CopyAdda'. My areas of expertise include dance,painting,guitar ,table tennis ,coding,robotics and designing in AUTOCAD. 


  Goa Campus

Anadi Rakesh  – Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership 

I am Anadi Rakesh Misra and I come from a middle class family in Mumbai. I'm currently in my third year and pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I've have an active campus life. Since my first year I've been a part of multiple departments. In my second year though, I prioritized two out of them, Department of Quark Controls and Department of Sponsorship and Marketing. Both of them gave me the experience and knowledge of how to work as a team and make incredible things happen. In my third year, I became the Chief Coordinator and Events Head of Quark, the Annual National Technical Festival of BITS Goa.Before joining BITS, I was a CBSE National level Swimming Gold Medallist and Record Holder. Due to the unavailability of a swimming pool on campus, I attempt at maintaining my physique by engaging in various other sports such as Ultimate Frisbee and jogging around the campus. As a pastime, I like to delve in activities which enhance my skills at music, such as playing the guitar, and keep my love for the same going. I believe music instils inner peace and brings happiness. 

 Sanskriti Dawle - Mantra Award for Social Leadership

I am a 3rd year Computer Science student at BITS Pilani Goa Campus. I'm interested in Human-Computer Interaction with particular focus on assistive technology, inclusive design and usability. I'm also a big fan of using technology to solve pressing problems. I have been working on Project Mudra (an award-winning low cost Braille literacy device) since the beginning of my 2nd year, and I'm presently doing a remote internship on usability testing with GNOME (the Free and Open Source desktop environment) under the Outreach Program for Women. I have been a KVPY awardee, TEDx speaker as well as poster presenter at BITSAA Global Meet 2014 in Hyderabad, India and PyCon 2014 in Montreal, Canada. I'm also an avid foodie, and love to travel. 


 Prakhar Sharma  – Mantra Award for Entrepreneur of the year 

I am Prakhar Sharma, currently in fourth year pursuing dual degree in M.Sc. Economics and B.E. Mechanical from BITS Pilani Goa Campus. My area of interest is financial economics and I was coordinator of the Wallstreet Club in my third year (2013-14). The student run portfolio that we managed at the club recognized a return of 30% that year. I was also one of the founding members and logistic lead of the Enactus goa chapter. Our project Sahara, which provided product enhancement skills and a marketing platform (moving market) to handicraft products made by SHGs in Goa won the Walmart grant 2013. The SHGs benefitted by an increase of INR 50K in their revenue in the first two quarters of our involvement with them. I am also a firm believer and follower of free markets and am greatly into the writings of scholars in the field, especially Dr Raghuram Rajan. Reading about free markets and lesser government intervention made me a follower of crypto currencies like Bitcoin. My startup, TouchAnalytics, became one of the first few companies in India to accept Bitcoins as a payment method. 

 Aman Srivastava  - Mantra Award for Innovator of the year 

I am an undergraduate student of Computer Science at the Goa Campus. I am an aspiring innovator and entreprenuer. I love to work on the intersection of social and tech. I am the co founder of Project Mudra which is an award winning Braille Literacy device and also the maker of Lumos which is a color perception device for the visually impaired developed at the MIT Media Lab Design Innovation workshop. I have been a poster presenter at Pycon 2014 in Montreal, Canada and also a speaker on TEDx. I will soon be presenting at Augmented Human 2015, ACM Conference, Singapore.



Dubai Campus

Anshul Singhal – Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Male) 

Learning in the classroom just serves as a guide for me because the span of knowledge extends to every moment of one’s life. It’s about grasping just the right elements, which one needs to laydown the foundation of his success. Experimentation and Innovation has been my passion since childhood, starting from playing with batteries and DC motors to now having made 4 Race Cars, 2 out of which are the First of its kind from Middle East and also the first to represent internationally in SAE CDS World Championships from all the BITS campuses. Managing high scores and working 24x7 building these cars made me very strong and independent as a person. Not only I managed to receive Master Diploma in many softwares in CAD Modeling, Creative Designing, Website and Software Designing, ERP Solutions, etc., I also implemented them rigorously in all the projects I completed till date. I have held many responsible positions like President of SAE and .net Club, Chief College Magazine Designer, Secretary ASME MENA Region, Vice-President of AIESEC Dubai’s Business Development Team. Alongside this I also managed to publish 2 of my Research Papers and 4 currently accepted by ASME but are in the process of being published. 

Aiswarya Iyer  –  Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Female)  

A dream to change the world, to make it a better place for everyone, to bring better options closer to each person out there and as well appreciate the things that are already there, motivates me to work for the clubs that I am currently heading. So, in my first year I started working for two of the most significant clubs in the campus, Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter and Social and Environment club. In the span of four years, I have paved my way to be the president of two most efficient teams in both the clubs. Along with these teams, I got the opportunity to work for the Academic Counselling Board to lead a group of like minded juniors who wanted to help the academically weak students. From being a volunteer to heading these clubs, it has been a great learning experience altogether. 


 Varun Sharma – Mantra Award for Social Leadership

I am the ultimate socialite and not the typical 9-to-5 Engineer. Aim high, achieve and then aim even higher. Living by this motto, I breaks down all the walls that life may place in front of me and work hard only to make myself and the people around me more productive. My open "Chill" behavior has helped me to reach out and create a wide base in Dubai. I actively involve myself in anything and everything that he can, including several activities that range from being a DJ, an event manager, a debater, a world economics enthusiast. All this, portrays the confidence in my personality. I feel my words inspire and instill in others a confidence. I fight the good fight and even against all odds, never give up. I am extremely passionate about my work and benevolent. It is this that has made me who I am today. 



 Nitin Bhalla – Mantra Award for Entrepreneur of the year 

Nitin, currently in the final year of his undergraduate studies, is pursuing his major in Electronics and Communication Engineering from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus.An interactive person, who loves to meet new people and learn about their culture, history and the challenges they face. Nitin is a CEO of Entrepreneurial cell of BITS Dubai, and focuses to help young entrepreneurs in building a successful start-up in the Middle east region. He has successfully co-founded 2 companies of his own and is also working as a Business Strategy Advisor for a start-up.He has a fun side too where he loves to organize fun events and sports for Hostel students. In a year he gained the position of Chief Organizer of Biggest Hostel Fest of BITS Dubai. He enthusiastically takes part in Business challenges, conferences and organizing events.He personally enjoys his time practicing MMA, sports and listening to music. 


Hyderabad Campus

G. Sameer Kumar Reddy  – Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Male) 

 I am Sameer Kumar Reddy, an Electrical and Electronics engineering student at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. I was brought up in the United States and I believe that my elementary education there had the most profound impact on me.  'Sleep not till the goal is achieved' is a motto I live by. When I set myself a target I believe I am highly focused and passionate about reaching it. I believe this is the reason for where I am today. I have been a part of the Students Union at BITS twice, as a hostel representative in my first year and as the President in my third year, and I believe I am the first to achieve this. Working in multiple organizations at various levels of the union has made me more responsible and honest and encouraged me into taking up any challenge.  For my work as the campus ambassador of Teach for India, I was awarded as the Best Campus Ambassador for the south zone. When I am not busy with my academics or my responsibilities, I like to unwind by taking photographs as it brings out the creative mind in me. This passion led me to win the 2nd prize at BITS Goa during Waves. 


Prakhar Gupta - Mantra Innovator of the Year Award

I am a technology enthusiast and love to code, innovate and design. I did my 10th and 12th from Bareilly, and started my B.E. in Computer Science in 2012. I am currently in my third year, and things which I am very much interested is Machine Learning and Augmented Reality. I have been involved in many ideas from scratch to prototype development.





Modupalli Nishanth Chowdary - Mantra Award for Social Leadership

I am passionate about what I do,never believed in grades. I'm committed to my decisions and will always give my 100% to something I believe. I am also interested in public sector economics and public administration. I believe in spreading light rather than fighting the dark.





Harsh Seksaria - Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year Award

I, Harsh Seksaria am an entrepreneur, photographer and a marketing enthusiast. With my current venture Pixelscapes, I aim to form the largest community of photographers across the globe.




Mantra Awards 2014 Winners
Pilani Campus
Sahil Aggarwal  – Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership 

Sahil Aggarwal is a dual degree student pursuing M.Sc. (Hons.) Biological Sciences & B.E. (Hons.) Civil at BITS Pilani. Right from his first year, he actively engaged in leadership roles in various organizations and forums. As President of the BITSMUN Society, he was instrumental in expanding its outreach not only to Indian schools and colleges but successfully pioneered the opening of a new chapter in Dubai as well. As one of the members of the Election Commission, he ensured the smooth conduct of three successive student union elections. As a member, he has made substantial contributions to various clubs and organizations including Department of Theatre, AIESEC & Consulting Club. He has also the distinction of being invited to prestigious international conferences such as Harvard Project for Asian & International Relations in Tokyo and World Business Dialogue in Germany.

Chandeesh Gurajala  – Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership

Chandeesh is pursuing bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, at BITS-Pilani. In the past three years of his life, he has been involved in a spectrum of activities which have established his inclination towards leadership. Starting with post of the Hostel-Representative, he undertook activities to improve the facilities in his hostel. Later, he was elected as the President of SSMS (Society for Student Mess Services, a registered society under the Rajasthan Societies Act), the Governing body which oversees the working of Seven Student Messes and a 200-strong employee force. As the President of SSMS he has brought out various path breaking initiatives like Performance Appraisal Policy which streamlined the Mess System. He also ensured financial transparency in student mess bills, tendering processes, mess worker salaries, health and education allowances, among other things. He was signatory and manager for mess-related accounts ranging upwards of INR 12 Crores.With a natural inclination to serve the society, he has been actively involved with Nirmaan (An NGO based out of BITS, Pilani). His diligence and sincerity led him to assume leadership roles in each of these organisations - that of a Project Leader in Nirmaan Organisation, Treasurer of the Renewable Energy Club. Being an excellent Carrom Player, he won Gold Medal in BOSM-2013, BOSM-2014. He was recently awarded the “Chitrath Dagar Memorial Award” for being the Best Outgoing student in Mechanical Engineering for 2014-15. He enjoys playing cricket, visiting new places and collecting coins.

Shreyansh Jain – Mantra Award for Innovator of the Year

Shreyansh Jain is a final year undergraduate student pursuing B. Pharmacy (Hons.) at BITS Pilani. He likes working in inter-disciplinary fields like biomechanics and biomedical instrumentation. He has designed a Clock Synchronized Transdermal Drug Delivery System which can act as a mobile drug dispenser; keeping the elderly patients in mind. He has also published a research paper on the topic “Development of low cost nutritional beverage from Whey Protein” as a result of an idea to manage the surplus of whey waste produced by the Indian sweet-meat market, and is working on a startup on a similar idea. He has been awarded Scholarship by the trustees of Sir Ratan Tata Trust, twice, for his outstanding academic profile. Pursuing his interests, he has done his final year thesis in the Department of Biomechanics at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He has a Senior Diploma in painting. He is a dilettante Flute and Harmonica player.


Prannoy Pilligundla – Mantra Award for Innovator of the Year

Remembered by his batch mates because of the Chrome extension he had made to simplify the Practice School-1 form filling process which went viral in all the three campuses of BITS, Prannoy is currently in his third year of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus. In the past two years he has been part of various organizations on campus like CEL, Team Robocon and Project Smartlab. From Project Smartlab, he was the part of the team which won I.G Nagrath Student Project Fund for the year 2013-2014. He has been building Intelligent and Context Aware Home Automation systems in Project Smartlab. He has also represented BITS in ABU Robocon 2013 as a part of Team Robocon, BITS-Pilani. He was selected for Google Summer of Code 2014 and he worked on building a Roundtrip Conversion tool from LyX to ODT which has direct use for thousands of people all around the world. He has also been part of various technological startups like Gharpay, Fixnix and MyTi. At present he is the President of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS-Pilani and responsible for various projects like Summer in a Startup(SiS), Startup Sphere, Rural Entrepreneurial Division(RED) and Conquest 2015. He is fascinated by Artificial Intelligence and loves to read books in his free time.

Hyderabad Campus

Naren Krishna- Mantra Award for outstanding leadership (Male) & Mantra Entrepreneur of the year award

Naren is currently pursuing his Dual degree in Chemistry from BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. Naren is theCo-Founder of Inc42, which is one the India’s leading startup Magazine. He is currently focusing on his second venture called Stockroom, which helps the developers to create their online portfolio with just a click. He has played a very important role in representing the campus at various global platforms. Naren is also a part of the prestigious Draper University Program founded by Mr. Tim Draper who is one of the initial investor in companies like Skype,Tesla,Hotmail etc. He was also the Indian Ambassador for the 17th World Business Dialogue. He was the only representative from India at the Global Entrepreneurship summer school held in Munich. He has travelled 10+ countries in one year representing India at various platforms like Global Social Business Summit, World business Dialogue, HPAIR and many more. He is also a Kairos Global Fellow and StartingBloc Fellow. He has played a key role in helping events happening on campus. He was the Co-ordinator for the Department Of Publicity And Public Relations , ATMOS. In future he is planning to work on his own venture and take it to the next level. 

Priyamvada Agrawala - Mantra Award for outstanding leadership (Female) 

I have always had the confidence to walk the path less treaded and pursue my passion and strive to excel at them. My creativity blossomed with my active participation in painting, debates and dramatics in my school days. I have been awarded for my paintings by former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam in international competitions, been selected as literary captain at School. I was also awarded certificate of merit by C.B.S.E in academics. My active participation in dramatics society and english language activity society of college,  has made me a team player and increased my group skills. I was elected as Vice President of Centre for Entrepreneurial leadership 2013'. However, my experience as  President of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) in 2014 was an enthralling one. By being exposed to a variety of arenas, I have developed a varied mindset and potential required for any leader. My confidence and determination are my USP.


  Avinash Reddy - Mantra Award for social leadership

Avinash is pursuing B.E (Hons) Electronics and Electrical Engineering in BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus. Serving his fellow peers and the less fortunate has always been an inherent part of him. Driven by this passion to work for the betterment of the society he joined Nirmaan in his first year which was then a budding organization.Serving as the second President of Nirmaan organisation he built a strong and structured team with the help of his executive committee. He led a team of 120 committed to work for a poverty free, knowledge driven and economically empowered nation that involved in several projects including school adoption programs, livelihood operations and participatory community development.  Owing to their constant efforts, the School adoption program bagged the second prize for “Innovation and path breaking initiatives in the areas of community development and environmental protection by SME member companies”.He led a contingent to provide relief to the victims of the Hud Hud cyclone in Vizag. He also led a team which was successful in organising IGNITE 2014, an indigenous social festival designed for the underprivileged kids. His contribution also led to building strong ties with corporate, community Heads and social organisations which helped accelerate IGNITE 2013 and 2014. Being the Sports Secretary for the year 2013-14, he had the natural ability to foster a strong sense of team spirit and keep the team constantly motivated for newer and better endeavours. 

Viren Paul  - Mantra Award for Innovator of the year 

Viren is pursuing Mechanical Engineering at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. He employs a ‘make new mistakes’ style in all walks of life and believes in experimenting rather than accepting the status quo.A spiritual junkie, he believes man has limitless power and can change the course of civilization as he wishes. Having held a number of key positions in Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Centre for Innovation and the Mechanical Engineer’s association, he has seen the problems from multiple perspectives and thinks that a collective effort from the administration and the people can bring the desired change.He spoke on innovative pedagogies at TEDx and co-founded iCue, an edutainment start-up that won many accolades including a spot in India’s top five student ventures operating from Indian universities instituted by The Kairos Society India.At present he is working on developing a wearable technology (vSkin); funded by the Director of the Institute; that will enable us to touch and feel objects out of thin air. Before this he has worked on a number of projects ranging from fabricating a 3D printer to a portable washing machine and believes that diversity of experience maketh a man.He is overambitious and justifies it by the quote “The whole point of progress is overreaching.”

Duabi Campus

Mohamed Atyab - Mantra Award for outstanding leadership (Male)

Mohamed Atyab is a third year student pursuing B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical at BITS, Pilani – Dubai Campus. He held the post of Academic Representative and member of the Student Council in his first year. Later he held the post of Treasurer of the public speaking and literary club and currently holds the post of Vice President of the Student Council. He was nominated in February 2014 to the Senate of the University. His contribution in the Placement Division, Admissions Department and Instructions Division has been widely appreciated. He has been involved in various projects that focus on improving student facilities on campus and is regarded as a silent, calm, humble, easy to work with and an approachable leader. He enjoys reading novels and playing chess, table tennis and cricket. He is well known for his debating and writing skills and has won several awards in public speaking and debating competitions.

 Sushmita Sahu - Mantra Award for outstanding leadership (Female)

I served as the first Head Co-ordinator for the Event Management Committee in BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus for the academic year 2013-2014. The committee is responsible to plan, initiate and organise all technical as well as extra-curricular intra and inter college activities in the campus. Even before being nominated as the Head Coordinator I successfully organised most of the events held in the campus right from my first year and have been actively involved in acting, dancing, artwork and sports in the college. I have lead organising teams comprising of more than 100 people of various nationalities and from different social backgrounds.



 Adarsh Venkatraman  - Mantra Award for Innovator of the year 

Adarsh Venkataraman Ganesan is pursuing his PhD in Engineering at the University of Cambridge after graduating with B.E. (Hons.) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. His research interests lie at the intersection of engineering and medicine. During his undergraduate years at BITS, he has carried out exciting projects that can create huge commercial opportunity. He was awarded the second place in the Young Engineer Paper contest sponsored by the Fluids Engineering Division of the ASME for one such project entitled ‘A Novel MEMS based Immunosensor for Ebola Virus Detection’. To carry out his research in Malignant Hyperthermia diagnostic device, he was awarded Mitacs Globalink Fellowship. After his successful completion of internship, he got a chance to carry out his undergraduate thesis on bottom-up tissue engineering at Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology. Adarsh is now planning to work with Dr. Ashwin A. Seshia on an interesting Bio-MEMS project at the Nanoscience Center of University of Cambridge.  After his completion of PhD, he set his sights on becoming an academician cum entrepreneur by taking inventions out of the lab and into the world.

Arjun Arya - Mantra Award for social leadership

Third year B.E.(Hons.) Mechanical Engineering at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. An environmental conservationist and a renewable energy enthusiast, these interests have led his career to develop towards a sustainability and methods to sensitize the youth towards development of a holistic society. He has been into environmental conservation since 5th grade and now the head of Research & Development at Environmentalist Foundation Of India(an NGO based in Chennai) focusing on lake restorations and real time conservation projects involving youth, he has been working on lake restoration projects in Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad. To him its indeed a pride to serve India and her environment along with developing a more scientific way to sustain our country. At BPDC he is the Vice President Of The Social and Environmental Club and yet again his goal remains to involve all the students towards the environment and our responsibilities for the same. It is indeed a challenge to lead and change the mindset of people towards holistic development, he has taken this challenge and will continue forever.

Nabnita De - Mantra Award for Entrepreneur of the year

Nabanita De is a final year student pursuing B.E.(hons) Computer Science at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, whose app startup, “Bluetooth Messenger” hit more than 10,000 downloads on the Windows App Store, within its first 3 weeks, grabbing no.12 position worldwide at New & Rising Social Category. Currently, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), BPDC, this tech entrepreneur kick-started her entrepreneurial journey in her 2nd year as founding, Core Team Member of CEL, BPDC and founding Member & Senior Editor, Conjure, CEL BPDC Publication & played her active part in promoting Entrepreneurship on campus as General Secretary, CEL, by organizing various Entrepreneurial Events & talks for the Community including the Indus Entrepreneur events as well as TEDx’2013. Driven by challenges, She aims to solve problems through Research (particularly in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, her papers were selected within top 100 undergraduate projects in UAE; She has interned at Microsoft Research, ATL Cairo over the Summer and is planning for MS in CS : AI/ML, followed by MBA upon Graduation) and Startups after Research(Published her “Career Tailored Student Resume” idea in  8th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED), Spain 2014, which she later turned into “CACC”, a startup through the New Venture Creation Course offered in BPDC, as its CEO. The startup focusses on solving, the lack of guidance through the Undergrad years problem, on how to build a stellar profile).  Apart from being Student partner of Microsoft (recently received the Best MSP Dreamspark Execution Award), IEEEXtreme & Internshala currently, Nabanita has also served as a Professional Teaching Assistant at Object oriented Programming Lab (OOPS), BPDC, technical Team Member, Team IFOR and volunteered for host of events like BSF, Technofest, Hostel Day etc in the past as well as won lot of gold medals in Chess, as the Team Caption, for the College. She also holds a 4 year diploma in singing and her hobbies include photography, sketching, dancing and coding

Mantra Awards 2013 Winners

Pilani Campus

Anjum Dhamija – Mantra Award for Social Leadership

Anjum is a fourth year student at BITS, Pilani, Pilani campus, pursuing her dual degree in M.Sc. (Hons.) Economics and B.E. (Hons.) Mechanical. With a natural inclination to serve the society, she has been actively involved with Nirmaan (An NGO based out of BITS, Pilani) . She believes Nirmaan has given her an entirely different perspective towards life owing to the diverse experiences she was able to garner. As the President of Nirmaan-Pilani chapter for the year 2012, she handled a team of 100+ volunteers involved in a plethora of activities focusing on Education, Employment and Participatory Community Development. She has also worked with Teach For India taking the role of a campus ambassador. Apart from this, she loves travelling and meeting people from varied backgrounds. Recently, she had taken on an enterprising expedition to the violent interiors of Manipur as a part of 30th Shodh Yatra.

Jenab Bohra- Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Female)

Jenab is pursuing master’s degree in Physics and Finance, at BITS-Pilani, Pilani campus.In the past four years of my life, she has been involved in a spectrum of activities which have established her inclination towards leadership. Starting with the post of Hostel- representative,she  undertook  activities to ameliorate the facilities in my hostel and being a member of student union,she learned a lot about  effective leadership and management.  she has been a member of Astrophysics club, film-making club and Hindi Drama club, BITS-Pilani. She has been a major contributor  to HDC,  directing and producing plays. In my third- year,she stood for the post of General-Secretary, Student-union, BITS-Pilani.

Siddharth Seth – Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership Award (Male)

Siddharth is known for his creativity and 'jugaad' Known for taking path breaking initiatives – the immensely successful 'Ig Nobel Conclave' held during the tech-fest was his brainchild. His diligence and sincerity led to him assume leadership roles in each of these organisations - that of a CoStAAn (Head) of the Department of Paper Evaluation and Presentation, the President of his State Cultural Association, the Microsoft Student Partner and the Project Forum Leader of the Computer Science Association. He was also invited to the prestigious Rolex Leadership Forum and awarded by the National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) for co-founding one of the top 30 student start-ups in the country. He has been deeply involved  multiple NGOs like Ekta Parishad and Pravah. . More recently, he has been working on projects related to human-computer interaction, one of which secured a research funding from the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. 

Brijesh Bhardwaj – Mantra Award for Entrepreneur of the Year

Brijesh is the co-founder and CEO of, he has been a part of TunePatrol's journey from an idea that was born in the hostel rooms of BITS Pilani to a seed funded startup that has established a strong brand in the online music discovery space. Brijesh is also a former Vice President of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership BITS Pilani and has been a startup enthusiast for many years now actively participating in the startup ecosystem in BITS Pilani and now in Bangalore. He is one of the youngest fellows of the Startup Leadership Program and is also a Kairos Global Fellow.



Hyderabad Campus

Ruben Sharma - Manta Award for Outstanding Leadership (Male)

Ruben is pursuing  dual degree in pharmacy and civil. He likes reading books,running and travelling. He has done his schooling from RIMC and believes in living a disciplined life.He is quite involved in entrepreneurial activities. He had been the director of events of CEL for past 1 year.He has h a  venture of his own called Valonia. In the past three years Valonia has made quite an impact on the educational world and made him learn a lot.He is also a keen munner and has participated in many MUNs across the country.

Utkarsh Agarwal - Mantra Award for Innovation

Utkarsh Agarwal is currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. He is actively involved in a variety of clubs and activities in college - part of the football team, photography club, Department of Publicity & Public Relations, core member of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership(CEL), BITS Hyderabad aimed at developing an entrepreneurial culture on college campus.He is the Founder of Inc42, an organization with the mission to help startups in starting up. Responsible for managing a digital team of nearly 30 people spread all across India, business development, managing clients and much more. Inc42 has worked with many startups as well as big players like, Nurture Talent Academy, consulting for IIM-Ahmedabad's iAccelerator and many more. Inc42 has a number of exciting tech projects, besides the popular startup magazine. He is also an internet enthusiast & into web development and digital marketing, with a few online ventures in the past like,,, etc. 

 Ritin Kakkar - Mantra Award for Entrepreneur of the year

Currently in his fourth year, Ritin Kakkar is pursuing MSc Economics and B.E. Electronics and Communication at BITS Pilani Hyderabad campus. He has been passionate about entrepreneurship right from a young age and loves brainstorming on new ideas. As President of CEL, he was instrumental in helping it evolve into a mature E-cell which today boasts of a number of successful events and projects. His first foray into entrepreneurship began when he co-founded Trippin’ Unlimited, a travel start-up, along with 3 of his friends.  Trippin' has conducted 4 successful trips and was selected for pre-seed funding by the Manoj Saxena Foundation, all in just its first year of operation.He has also been an active sportsman throughout. He was among the top 200 players in the junior Tennis circuit and went on to captain his college Tennis team.


Ishaan Pahuja - Mantra Award for social Leadership

Ishaan is currently pursuing MSc.(Tech) Information Systems at BITS,  Pilani – Hyderabad Campus. He is actively involved with Leaders for Tomorrow, a not-for-profit organization. He led the Anti Drugs and Anti Ragging Campaign rally in Delhi University as a part of which more than 8,000 students were educated about the policies against drugs and ragging. As a member of  Youth under Visionary Action, he attended a number of rural camps in and around Hyderabad aimed to help villagers deal with lack of clean drinking water.  He also volunteers at Igniting Young Minds to help underprivileged children develop soft skills by conducting personality development activities . He strongly believes that it in giving that we receive, and is always on the front to contribute to the betterment of the society.


Lavanya - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Female)

Lavanya is pursuing her  MSc. (Tech.) Information Systems at BITS, Pilani – Hyderabad Campus. She has been a part of various administrative and student activities all through her BITSian life. As the Cultural Secretary of the students council she displayed excellent leadership skills by organising and co-ordinating the year wide cultural events and also co-founded Sanskriti, an all regional cultural associations' fest. A lively person with a passion for both technical and entreprenurial activities. Worked on several projects as a core member of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) in her 3 years on campus. Currently, she is the Treasurer for Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)- BITS- Hyderabad chapter.She was a part of the pitching team, Placements division- BITS- Hyderabad. Lavanya has been an active member of the Department of Publicity and Public Relations and has led the team cogently. A zealous sportsperson, she was a part of the throwball team on campus. Presently she is working as an intern at Amazon Development Centre as a Software Developer. After her graduation, she looks forward to pursuing an MBA. She enjoys playing, visiting new places, cinema and hang around with friends. 



Dubai Campus

Apoorv Baweja - Mantra Award for Entrepreneur of the year

 Born in London, primary schooling in Hong Kong, high school in India and college @ BITS Pilani,Dubai,Apoorv is currently pursuing his final year in Electronics and Communication Engineering.He always had a determination to do higher studies with merits & his own earnings .He took interest in Next Generation business of E-commerce.He has 2 startups to his name .He started a manufacturing company in India in 2010 named "Bhayaji Mercantile Pvt. Ltd." which offers drop shipping services to resellers. It gives them an opportunity to sell the goods at various marketplaces online .The company inspires people to become their own bosses with zero investments.  The other company was registered in USA in 2012 under the banner "Online Smart Deals LLC" which deals in online retailing. Both the firms are big players in the niche market of textile/home-furnishing items internationally.He has also helped many fellow BITSians a self esteemed job support and has always inspired others to earn their own living / sponsor their own studies. He desires to become a big industrialist with high morals and ethics.

Deepan Kishore Kumar - Mantra Award fpr Innovation

Deepan Kishore kumar is a junior student of Electronics and communications engineering at Dubai Campus. His research interests are in  autonomous aerial robots and smart micro systems. He is a part of the IFOR team that is continuing to push the state of art in aerial robotics in the UAE. He is also actively involved in BioMEMS research and  nanotechnology. 





Niyati Parmeswaran - Mantra Award for Innovation


Niyati Parameswaran is a final year student pursuing Computer Science at BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. She opted for the Thesis Program to make the most of the research facilities available at the institute and implemented a Localized Personal Awareness System, accepted in the International Journal of Innovative Computing and Applications. A dream of being able to provide a machine with intelligence that will answer Alan Turing’s question of  ‘Can Machines think?’ motivates her research. She has been awarded the BITSAA  Travel Scholarship for her work on a GPS Based Tracking System , the Padam Shri Kanji Maishri Scholarship for her research contribution towards Epileptic seizure prediction & prevention and the 3rd position in the Information System Category at the UAE National UG Research Competition for the deployment of a seamless Virtual Health Care System. Apart from her academic pursuits,  Niyati has headed the Public Speaking/Literary Club as well as the Mathematics Association at BITS and has  actively participated and organized several technical and cultural events on campus. She will be heading to the University of Texas - Austin to pursue the MS CS Program with specialization in AI.   

Rajarshi sinha - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Male)

Rajarshi Sinha, currently in the second year of his undergraduate studies, is pursuing his majors in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus. An avid reader & passionate fiction writer since his early teens, Rajarshi has always been keenly inclined towards the literary side. His knack, ergo, gained him a position in the Editorial Board on-campus in his first year itself. Excelling in co-curriculars even since his schooling days, Rajarshi is currently holding the position of General Manager for Public Relations & Communications at AIESEC Dubai, where-in he leads a group of 8-12 individuals from 6 different nationalities. AIESEC is the world’s largest student run organisation, second in following to the United Nations. His most recent project was Microsoft's NGO Connection Day, hosted on the 2nd of June, wherein he led the Chief Organizing Committee of the event in the position of Committee President. In addition to this, Rajarshi is also heading the Campus Relations Team of BPDC in the capacity of Team Leader. He is also enthusiastically involved in the Embryo Team at the Dubai Campus. Rajarshi is also a student member at the Dubai Campus Branding & Communications Committee of BITS Pilani.

Rinnie Agarwal - Mantra Award for Social Leadership

Rinnie, graduating this year with Electronics and Communication Degree, has always believed that putting oneself for the betterment of the society is the biggest achievement one can aim for. This attitude has led her to being the President of the Social and Environmental Club of BITS. She has been an active volunteer in the blind school in her hometown since school days and has organized Spoken English classes in college for workers, security guards and hostel attendants to prepare them to converse in English in daily life. Under her leadership, the team won the ‘Conservation Award- For Better Tomorrow 2011-12’ an award aimed to promote and instill a culture of conservation of resources, and the 'Best Conservation Team' award along with AED 10,000 for the college. She is currently part of the 'Emirates Energy Award' team, which aims to boost the rationalized use of energy and resources. Along with initiating the Paper & Can Recycling Campaign and various workshops on Sustainable Energy and Stress Management, she has conducted blood donation campaigns and fund raisers on every possible occasion, generating decent amounts for charity like Dubai Cares and HelpAge India. She has also hosted various competitions which encouraged students to use their technical and practical knowledge for the conservation of energy and orchestrated the celebrations for events like Earth day, Women's Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Day and Earth Hour, on large scale, thus aiming at student involvement at all levels and trying to make a significant impact on the society. She is the member of the college dance team and holds interests in reading novels, playing badminton and exploring new places.

Vishishista Bothra - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Female)

Vishishtha is the leader who always comes through. Her teammates love and respect her which makes every task an easy one. With an excellent imagination, great people skills and a never-say-never attitude we cant think of a more deserving candidate for this BITS award.





Mantra Awards 2012 Winners

Pilani Campus

Vemuri V.L. Ambarish - Mantra Award for Social Leadership

Ambarish has graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from BITSPilani. He has joined Dell Global Analytics as a Business Analyst. He has been the Vice President of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership on campus. He has been an active member of the Rural Entrepreneurship Division, Pilani and has worked as a teaching volunteer for disabled at the National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped, Mumbai. He enjoys applying practical fabrication knowledge to build mechanical devices, and is a keen automotive enthusiast, having been consecutive National runners-up of the Mahindra Auto Quotient in 2009 and 2010.

Aaksha Meghawat - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Female) 

Aaksha Meghawat is an all-rounder in the truest sense of the word. She has held several leadership positions throughout her BITSian career from being the Coordinator of the Out-of-Box Conference, Conquest 2011, member of the Election Commission Panel, Master of Ceremony of the AVB Memorial Inauguration to Captain of the BITS Pilani Athletics team for BOSM 2011. She has been a consistent academic performer and her versatility stems from her passion for diverse things such as her love for coding, technology, economics and art to marathon racing and travel.  Aaksha, a big believer in efficiency, aspires to create systems and products in the future that will add true value to society and people’s lives.

Abhinav Mahajan - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Male), Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Abhinav Mahajan bearing ID No. 2007C5AB716P, have developed a very intellectual and dynamic personality in college by involving in various extra-curricular activities, ranging from co-founding Manufacturing Engineering Association to leading a team to compete in Human Powered Vehicle Challenge organized by ASME in Montana State University, USA in 2011. I have coordinated various events of the association and the one of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), conducting India level prelims of international event Student Design Challenge (problem statement provided by NASA). In one occasion I got a chance to share the dais in our college auditorium with Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis, founder & Director, Interactive Robots & Media Labs and Rachel Armstrong, TED Speaker & Sustainability innovator, addressing a gathering of over 1500, as a speaker for the APOGEE INNOVATORS PROGRAM, APOGEE (BITS Annual International Technical Festival), 2011. Currently, I am working on my start-up TEEVRA Cycles, designing customized human powered vehicles. Winning various prestigious B-Plan competitions across India has acted as a fuel for me and my team to achieve our endeavours.

Suvonil Chatterjee - Mantra Innovator of the Year Award

Described by his friends as a coder who is heavily invested in design, Suvonil is currently in his third year of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering at BITS Pilani. As a member of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership, he is leading a team of creative minds involved in the creation of Stimulus X, a social entrepreneurship game. He has also been a part of various technology start-ups, Rovio, dplay tech, FrameBench and GharPay to name a few, where he designs user-experiences to facilitate work flows. At present, he is developing a system that revolutionizes the way astronauts are weighed in space-stations. And just for fun, he started writing his own programming language, Ceasy, a childish transformation of C. He is a foodie, loves his fantasy novels and Enya's music. 

Hyderabad Campus

Shruthi Vishwanath - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Female)

Shruthi studies Economics and Chemical Engineering at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus. She is passionate about classical music, was the founder-secretary of the Classical Music Club at BITS and the Coordinator for SPIC MACAY since its beginnings at Hyderabad. Shruthi has been a delegate at the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) Harvard Conference, and a delegate at the World Business Dialogue (WBD) at Cologne, Germany. She was the Indian Ambassador for WBD for 2011-12. Shruthi has also been the first Union Cultural Secretary at BITS Hyderabad and a Teach for India Campus Ambassador. She aims to pursue a career integrating her passion for music and entrepreneurship.

Siddhartha Bahl - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership (Male)

Just a 2nd year student, Siddharthais pursuing B.E(Hons.) in Computer Science Engineering. Currently a core member of Centerfor Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL), he is also heading 'Baithak', the regional cultural association of 5 North Indian states. Apart from 'Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations', he has also been selected as a delegate by the U.S. Congress to the prestigious 'Global Young Leaders Conference'. He ideated, formulated and founded the ‘Student Mentorship Program’, a program structured on the idea of 'networking through nurturing'. Being an excellent orator, he has won many awards in debating competitions and MUN's. He is a networking ninja and likes developing new contacts. As a leader, he sets himself a target of leading the change and believes in leaders mentoring their teams rather than micro-controlling them. Ideologically, he is profoundly influenced by the thoughts of Swami Vivekananda. An ardent management enthusiast and an aspiring business entrepreneur, he is always on a hunt for learning opportunities and values experience a lot. 

Kunal Bhatia - Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Kunal is currently in his 3rd year, pursuing Msc Economics and BE Computer Science from Bits Pilani,Hyderabad.  Passionate about entrepreneurship, he likes brainstorming over existing community problems and how can a service/product that simplifies the problem can be made into a business model.  He has been an active member of Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) of his college and currently leads its finance department.  Kunal has 2 start ups to his name.  BlueTie Outsourcing- registered in 2010, BlueTie is a firm providing Internet Marketing and Social media marketing services to website owners present all over the world. It is in its 3rd year of operation and has been running smoothly after its initial year of founding.  Trippin' Unlimited- is a travel organization providing customized vacation solutions to college students. Trippin' has conducted 3 successful trips, bagged the second prize in Ground Reality, b-plan competition of Bits Hyderabad and has been selected for pre-seed funding by the Saxena Foundation, all in just its first year of operation.

Kunal's also actively involved in other activities apart from Entrepreneurship. He plays football for a B-Division club in Delhi and is presently the captain of his college Football team. He has won medals at state and zonal levels in Taekwondo and participated in state level marathons as well. His other hobbies include reading, philately, swimming and playing chess. After his graduation, he plans to do MBA from either India or a reputed Ivy university in USA. 

Swapnil Vats - Mantra Award for Social Leadership

Swapnil is pursuing B.E (hons.) Mechanical Engineering at BPHC. His start-up Valonia engages students and helps them excel in their areas of interest. Valonia already has impacted nearly 2000 students.  Hereceived the Bal Shree Honour for creativity in writing by the President of India during his school days and later also received The President’s medal for leadership and team spirit in Scouts and Guides. He has a way around with people, likes reading autobiographies, travels a lot, and likes adventure sports and debating on political issues.
A member of an international community of social entrepreneurs ( Makesense ),  he has also been a part of projects with NSEF, BalBhawan, JagritiYatra and is extremely passionate about giving back to the society.

Darshit Shah - Mantra Innovator of the Year Award

Darshit is a Second Year student at BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus with a keen interest in all things computers. He has been programming in various languages for the last 8-10 years as a hobby and is now looking to turn it into a full time career option. However he does not code in only high-level languages such as .NET but also enjoys writing low-level assembly code and debugging it. Darshit is a entrepreneur at heart and has been working on various ideas since his first year in college. He is currently working on two projects both based on microprocessors and assembly level programming. Apart from technology, he also enjoys swimming and photography.

Goa Campus

Kunjan Gandhi - Mantra Award for Social Leadership 

Kunjan a 5th Year undergraduate student at BITS Pilani (Goa), has his interests and achievements scattered into a diverse spectrum- from being a Tata JagritiYatra Alumnus, to being in love with Physics; from being engrosed into Electronics and Electrical to having this great passion for learning new languages and playing Foolball! In the same fashion, his contributions to Nirmaan in the past four years have also been diverse. As a project coordinator of SAP at Nirmaan Goa, he led transformation of two Government-Run Schools into Model Schools by upgrading their Infrastructural Facilities. During his tenure as the President, he played a pivotal role in building an strongand organized Team at Nirmaan Goa. His contributions led to building of strong ties with various organizations like NABARD Bank, NCUI and Father Agnel’s Ashram and Zuari Industries Limited; which helped accelerate the women entrepreneurship program and promote hygienic living in communities in Sancole region of Goa. Currently he is serving as the Director, Livelihoods with Nirmaan overlooking operations at 4 different locations.Being a part of Nimraan, he has learnt a lot about the top down and bottom up approaches to solving social problems and has realized that the world is in dire need of executors than planners. He aspires to use technology as aiding tool for societal development. He firmly believes that good leadership skills, the attitude of problem solving and being able to build a strong culture are three most important virtues of a social change maker.

Tanmaya Sanghvi - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership

Tanmaya is a senior undergraduate student at BITS Pilani Goa Campus. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. The past three years of her college life have witnessed her involvement in a spectrum of activities which have established in her the inclination and expertise of being an effective leader. Tanmaya was the Co-coordinator for the Department of Finance and Asset Management for Quark-2012, the Annual Techno-Managerial Festival of BITS Goa. She led a team of 100 to oversee the monetary front of every aspect of the festival. An environment lover, Tanmaya has served as the Co-coordinator of the Environment Protection and Awareness Club of BITS Goa. She was a part of the college team for the Great Power Race in which the college secured 9th position internationally. She is currently working towards starting a company which is an online financial tool aimed at ‘Simplifying Stocks’. It serves as a complete resource for beginners and an efficient tool for professionals, to provide them the much needed confirmatory opinion before investing. She worked as a summer intern at Ernst and Young in the Risk Advisory Services. With her keen interest in Economics and its various applications, she sees herself pursuing a Master’s Degree in Finance in future. In her spare time, Tanmaya likes visiting offbeat places and engages in adventure activities like mountaineering, SCUBA diving, rafting and snorkeling. She enjoys vocabulary challenges, meeting and interacting with new people.

Mudit Gupta - Mantra Innovator of the Year Award

Mudit is a final year student of M.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry and B.E.(Hons.) Electronics and Instrumentation at BITS, Pilani - K.K. Birla Goa Campus. He is fascinated by intelligent machines and resulting system behaviour when these intelligent machines interact. He supports the vision that such swarms of intelligent machines will result in innumerable useful products. He is working in the same domain. He was selected for the prestigious Google Summer of Code (GSoC) twice (2011 and 2012). During GSoC-2011 he worked for University of Michigan on multiagent complex systems and during GSoC - 2012 he worked on making Network Simulator - 3 (ns-3) capable of participating in complex systems simulations. He worked on various projects under faculty members and worked with various start-ups both as a consultant/freelancer and intern. He was the Sub-Coordinator of the Drama Club (2010-2011) and founding member of the Automobile Club (2010-2011). He is presently persuing his undergraduate thesis in the field of Artificial Intelligence on Multiagent Systems. He loves theatre arts, digital photography, FOSS and Robotics. 

Akhil Singh - Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Akhil is the Co-Founder of Spectrum Apparels and and is currently pursuing his MSc(Tech) degree in Information Systems from BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus.He co-founded Spectrum in, remarkably, his first year of  college., Spectrum is now one of the biggest players in the niche market of Bulk Apparels in the country and counts corporates such as Google and almost all reputed colleges of India as its clientele. He has been the finalist in Power Of Ideas conducted by IIM Ahemdabad and Economics Times and was the youngest finalist in Conquest 2011. He, with his team, aims to change the way people travel in India through as they believe that public transportation in india is not a pleasure and its mode should certainly change and to do this they are working hard on the technology. He truly believes in the power of meditation and can be found listening to The Bealtes, Bob Dylan and Coldplay whenever he gets the time. For him entrepreneurship is not about opening new and innovative ventures, it is simply a way of life.

Dubai Campus

Saurabh Ladha - Mantra Award for Outstanding Leadership 

Saurabh is currently pursuing his Masters in MS&E at Stanford University, after graduating with the Director's Medal for Overall Outstanding Achievement from BITS Pilani Dubai Campus. He was the founder of BITS360 for Dubai Campus, the founder of Jashn, the annual inter collegiate cultural festival of BPDC and also the largest student organized cultural fest of UAE. He was also the founding member of Embryo in his second year at BITS. As Founder and Team Lead of the IFOR Team of BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, he led a team of 8 students that built UAE's first fully autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle that Ranked First at the International Aerial Robotics Competition, held at North Dakota, USA. He completed his Practice School at NComputing., Ltd  in  USA. Saurabh Ladha is also a guitarist in free time and debater. 

Sanchit Sekhwal - Mantra Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Sanchit is a final year (B.E Hons.) electronics and communication engineering student at BITS Pilani Dubai Campus and is currently pursuing practice school 2 programme. He has been the vice president of the student council and is also a member of student council constitution drafting team, which in turn will bring changes in the election and voting procedure in the campus. He is the co-founder of JASHN ( inter-collegiate cultural fest) where he lead a team of 75 students to organize the event. He was the BITSAA campus connect leader and was member of Bits embryo team . He also handles BITS Alumni Cell. He has been involved in organizing many events like Ethnic day, Diro’s tea party , TEDX-BITS-Dubai. He is currently the chief election coordinator of hostel representative elections. He has a keen interest in sports like cricket , squash and likes to listen to music. 

Nigel Domnic Pereira - Mantra Innovator of the Year Award

Nigel joined BITS Pilani Dubai Campus in 2009 selecting Mechanical Engineering as his stream.Being an environmentalist, he would always research on Global warming,Climate sustainability and Waste Recycling. But then, researching isjust a small step in this world. Hence, he decided to go the extra milewith three of his friends they came up with a green idea called 'GreeNext' which would provide advanced technologies to recycle electronic waste through metal extraction and also recycle plastic waste to crude oil in an environmentally friendly process called pyrolysis. They participated in the Raymond Big Idea 2012 and came in the final round  which comprised of 20 finalists from 250 nominees. They also took this idea on the Entrepreneur TV show where hequalified as one of the  top 100 finalists from over 4,000 contestants. He loves playing football, drawing, ambigrams, writing short stores and participating in clean up drives. 

Disha Sharma - Mantra Award for Social Leadership

Disha, currently pursuing her 3rd year in Electronics and Communication Engineering is driven by the idea of making life useful to make this world a better place. She was a part of the council since her 1st year, as the Cultural and Sports Representative and then in the 2nd Year as the Gen. Secretary of the Student Council. Also what brought her closer to what she liked to do was the Make a Difference Club , of which she was the Secretary too. Being associated with social awareness campaigns, peace drives, various walkathons and other fund-raising events since school also continued at college level in the form of initaiting the paper recycling campaign in college, carrying out the can collection drive, breast cancer awareness campaign, setting up stalls for charity and various other activities on campus. Hoping to create more awareness amongst the youth she strives to make a difference in the society at her best possible level. 

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