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BITSAA-SVC Mentorship Program
BITSAA-SVC Mentorship Program
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Mentoring is one of the key elements for career growth. In BITS, we have always been used to taking advice from seniors. BITSAA-SVC is trying to recreate the same magic, but in a more professional setting. We now have a huge pool of experienced BITSians in higher education, technology, entrepreneurship and executive management who are willing to be mentors to fellow BITSians. With this initiative, BITSAA-SVC intends to connect the aspiring BITSian with experienced senior professionals.

BITSAA-SVC will coordinate this mentorship program among alumni in the valley. The Mentees will be registered members of BITSAA Silicon Valley Chapter. Both Mentors and Mentees will register on the BITSAA-SVC website showing their interest. BITSAA-SVC will act as an exchange for Mentors and Mentees to come together to create value for both.

Mentoring is a mutually beneficial partnership. The experienced mentor will be reflective about their venture/experience, and willing to communicate in detail, and share their understanding and knowledge about what has made their career/venture grow. The Mentee is receptive to the suggestions of the Mentor and is also willing to try to implement some of them in his/her business. Mentoring is an on-going partnership, which may need to last for a number of months before any benefits are realized by either partner. The partners need to commit themselves to regular meetings with a focused agenda. The Mentor should record a short summary of their experience with the Mentee on a monthly basis. The Mentor Coordinator will contact the Mentor periodically, and the Mentor is encouraged to contact the Coordinator if any questions regarding the relationship arise.

Suggested roles and responsibilities:
  • A mentor should have experience and capability to guide in at least one of the following areas:

    • Career planning
    • Startup Idea evaluation
    • Technical feasibility
    • Business strategy and feasibility
    • Team bootstrapping
    • Execution plans
    • Market understanding
    • Sales and marketing
    • Fund raising plan
    • Collaboration
    • Networking
    • Overall advisor

  • Assign at least 2 hours a week

  • Commit to regular meetings or phone calls with the Mentee.

  • Share the experiences with BITSAA-SVC members in the meetings organized by BITSAA-SVC







  • Have the willingness to do ground work promptly (After all, its your project!)
  • You should be working seriously (at least 20 hrs/week) on the project you're being mentored for.
  • Give sufficient notice to Mentor for a meeting via email or phone
  • Have a focused agenda for the meetings.
  • Provide background information in writing as much as possible to the Mentor. Confidential information must be treated with care.
  • Keep your mentor apprised of your progress and achievements.
  • Respect the value of Mentor's time.

Career Development

  • Know precisely the issues you want to address for your professional development, and communicate them to your mentor early on.
  • Consult with your mentor and chart out a career plan for yourself by setting well defined goals and periodic checkpoints.
  • Provide monthly reports to the BITSAA-SVC coordinator.


  • Have a clear understanding of what area you need advice on. E.g. you might have a business plan and might want the Mentor to evaluate the plan. Or, you might want to know how to go about getting VC funding. Or, if you are a young CEO, you might want advice on how to run an early stage company.
  • Provide monthly reports to the BITSAA-SVC coordinator.







Rules of engagement:
  • Mentee and Mentor will mutually agree on a preferred method of communication and timings for sync-ups.
  • Mentee will need to give sufficient notice to the Mentor for a meeting or receiving advice via email or phone.
  • Mentor will respond to Mentee's request within a maximum of one week.
  • Confidential information will be treated with care. Without confidentiality it is tough to build trust. Mentoring largely relies on trust.
  • Mentee needs to respect the value of Mentor's time and avoid any inconveniences to the Mentor.
  • The mentors and mentees should agree to show up at the 6-month checkpoint event we will conduct.
Rules of disengagement:
  • Either Mentee or Mentor can terminate the relationship with or without cause by informing the other party and BITSAA-SVC.
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  • To sign up for the mentorship program, click here.
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