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Prof. I J Nagrath Student Project Fund
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Prof. I J Nagrath Student Project fund

(Year of Commencement: 2013)

The "Prof. I J Nagrath Student Project fund” has been instituted by Brij Bhushan, an alumni from the class of 1964 in honor of Prof. I J Nagrath, who served various roles at BITS from 1952 to 1999.

Prof. I J Nagrath retired as the Deputy Director after serving at BITS in educational, administrative and managerial roles. He is an excellent academician who taught many generations of BITSians and also the author of several well known books in Electrical & Electronics Engineering.


Brij Bhushan is currently retired from Reston Consulting Group, which he founded in 1986. RCG provides Systems Integration services in the field of telecommunications to the US Federal Government. Brij graduated from BITS Pilani in December,1964 and subsequently taught there from 1966 to 1969 and had a return engagement during Fall of 2006. Brij holds a Masters from Auburn University (1970) and has completed course work towards Doctor of Engg in EE at Concordia University, Montreal Canada. Brij and his wife Champa (also a BITS alumnus) live in the suburbs of Washington DC and have three grown up children Anju, Anita and Anup.

Brij Bhushan also instituted Bhushan Bhatia MCN Scholarship in 2009 -

About Prof. I J Nagrath Student Project Fund:

The project fund aims to encourage students and faculty in EEE department at Pilani campus to undertake projects in labs of their choice and gain a hands-on experience.

Campus: Pilani

Discipline: Electrical & Electronics (EEE)

Project Fund: $500 per year

Duration: 2013 to 2017


First semester of an academic year. For specific dates, please contact Prof. Anu Gupta.

Procedure for Applying:

Prof. Anu Gupta , Head of EEE department, BITS Pilani selects the most deserving project for this project fund every year. If you wish to apply, please reach out to her at with your project details.


You can donate to Prof. I J Nagrath Student Project Fund or start a new project fund. Please donate to our Bridges to the Future Campaign under student projects fund (Project ID: SE001). Please click here

If you have any queries, please feel to reach out to us at 

Winners : 2015

Project Name 

Headlight beam optimization and Speed control for Vehicular Systems for Road accident prevention

Project Description

Majority of road accidents occur mainly due to over speeding of the vehicles leading to head on collision or unregulated headlight intensity during night which causes glare in the eyes of the driver leading to disorientation in driving. The proposed project idea aims to develop a system which can automatically adjust the headlight beam intensity of the approaching vehicles to an optimum level to reduce any unwanted glare. We also aim to implement speed control mechanism in vehicular systems where approaching vehicles, if moving at a relative speed higher than the safe threshold will be automatically able to reduce their speed to a optimum level to avoid any head on collision. This hybrid vehicle safety system if deployed at a large scale can minimize the possibility of road accidents to a large extent.     

Faculty Mentor

Prof V K Chaubey, Professor, EEE

Team Members 

Rishabh Choudhary (ID No. 2012A3PS156P)
Naman Gupta (ID No. 2012A3PS080P)

About Winners

Rishabh Choudhary is a final year undergraduate student pursuing B.E.(Hons) in Electrical and Electronics at BITS PILANI. His main interests include robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. He has always believed in gaining knowledge through experience and implementation. He likes to see technology as a medium to solve problems faced by the society and enhance the standard of living. He is very passionate about his technical interests and always tries his bit to apply his knowledge and skills in the framework of the challenges faced by the world. He believes in giving back to the society by actively involving himself with social organizations and volunteering for different activities. He is an ardent cricket and tennis follower and likes to paint in his leisure time. This quote from Steve Jobs is what motivates him every time - "Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again."


Naman Gupta is a fourth year student pursuing B.E. (Hons.) Electrical and Electronics Engineering at BITS Pilani. He has always been inspired by pioneers such as Jack Kilby who completely changed the world with the advent of technology. His inchoate interest in Electronics from high school ossified in BITS Pilani and he found his passion in Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and VLSI Design. He enjoys his leisure time in playing football and video games. He is also enthused about social service and taught young students in his first and second year. His credence in helping humanity via technology and his love for automation is what ignites his passion in developing this project.  

Winners : 2014

Project Name 

Design and Development of Power Quality Improvement Circuit for House Hold Applications

Project Description

Due to massive use of non-linear loads (semiconductor devices) in house hold applications, the power quality of the electrical network degraded because they extract lagging reactive power from the source/grid. It results in poor power factor, less efficiency and increased cost of electricity generation. It also disturbs the neighboring supply networks. Electricity distribution authorities also motivates for improving the power quality indices such as power factor and supply current harmonics. Therefore, it is proposed to design and develop a versatile power quality improvement circuit which can be used anywhere without much complexity in circuit implementation.

To read more about this project, please click here

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Pradyumn Chaturvedi, Assistant Professor, EEE

Team Members 

Navneet Tripathi (ID No. 2013A8PS383P)
Ghazi Ahmed (ID No. 2011A8PS319P)
Vaibhav Garg (ID No. 2013A3PS587P)


About Winners


 Navneet Tripathi is a second year student pursuing B.E. (Hons.) Electronics and Instrumentation at BITS Pilani. His interest lies in exploring the fundamentals in the field of electronics, specially in Power electronics, Wireless Power Transmission, Embedded systems and Artificial Intelligence. He is enthused about technology, science, economics and social sciences and like to keep learning about these fields.He enjoys his leisure time by having healthy discussion on any topic. He intends to gather more knowledge and specialize in whichever fields interests him most.



 Ghazi Ahmed is an Electronics and Instrumentation engineer who loves solving life's problems by coding and making cool gadgets.  When not busy with tuts, mid-sems or compres, people find him tinkering with their gadgets.




 Vaibhav Garg is a second year student currently pursuing B.E.(Hons) Electrical and Electronics Engineering at BITS Pilani. He loves to start everything from scratch and understand things from the basic level. He always approach things in a planned manner and this attitude has helped him to gain success. He thinks that the best strategy to learn engineering is to go practical, understand what are the applications of a particular subject and how that affects our life. This way we can know the problems that we encounter and look for possible solutions. He is  optimistic and passionate to know about things that has lead to such a technological advancement. 

"I am very happy that this project has been selected and will work with full dedication towards it."


Winners : 2013

Project Name 


SmartLAB is an ongoing informal student project in the Embedded Controller Application Centre at BITS-Pilani under the guidance of Mr. R R Singh. They are working on technologies to build intelligent and proactive living and working environments. Some of the systems they have worked on are: ultrasonic sensor based indoor location tracking, stereoscopic computer vision based system for indoor location tracking of multiple people in a room, speech recognition system, Python-Qt based front-end to authenticate the lab users and wireless control of electrical devices.

To read more about this project, please click here



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