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BITSAA - Shaurya Fund-Raising Initiative
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SHAURYA – An All-Terrain Fully Autonomous Ground Vehicle

Shaurya, BITS Pilani, is an effort to develop an All-Terrain Fully Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV) with multiple advanced functionalities [1],[2] . Shaurya is being developed at the Centre for Robotics & Intelligent Systems (CRIS) at BITS Pilani. Team Shaurya is spearheaded by Dr. R.K.Mittal, professor of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science and Director (Administration) at BITS-Pilani.

Shaurya has been selected among the top few, from 240 teams from all over India, for the Final Stage of the DRDO Student Robot Competition, 2010, being organized by the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India). DRDO is conducting this national level competition to harness the innovative ideas of the Student community to the National Robotics Program of India towards building autonomous navigation capability.

Team Shaurya : The Mission

Shaurya will be the first of its kind autonomous ground vehicle in India. The team envisions the application of the technology used in Shaurya in diverse fields of human endeavor. Through the development of Shaurya, the team aspires to establish a platform for far reaching, multi-dimensional applications in the following arenas:

  • Military – It will provide crucial information in life threatening situations, Minimizing Human intervention and Extending Reach to inaccessible areas.
  • Social – Its inherent technology will be used make Smarter and Safer Vehicles to Reduce Traffic Accidents, Save Lives and Money, and Make People more productive.
  • Industry – It will contribute to Increasing productivity, Improve work environment conditions and Minimize loss of life in industries like mining.
  • Scientific – It will have Widespread Applications for Space Exploration.
The above is a small perspective of the vast horizon that awaits the technology being developed for autonomous ground vehicles like Shaurya.

Shaurya : Design

Shaurya will perform its functions in unstructured environments without continuous human guidance. The robot will have to gain information about the environment, map the position and shape of different obstacles and identify moving people, vehicles, etc. Simultaneously the robot will be moving around in its operating environment and it will have to avoid situations that are harmful to people, property, or itself.

Shaurya will be equipped with sophisticated sensors and carefully designed control hardware and software to meet the tough requirements of the real world. The design of Shaurya has been conceived with the primary objectives of speed, flexibility and sturdiness. To maximize the payload to weight ratio the body will be fabricated from high strength, lightweight material.

The sensors will provide high accuracy and quick response. The system uses an optimum number of sensors to eliminate complete dependence on any one of them. While moving in the environment, the sensor system will map the features in its surroundings and the robot will navigate using a specialised motion control algorithm. At later stages the robot will be equipped with components specific to its work environment, for example, sensors for minefield detection and a robotic arm for diffusing it.

Team Shaurya is determined to develop the robot for real life implementations.

In keeping with the rules of the DRDO Student Robot Competition 2010, the description above does not mention the details of the design. If you are interested in specific details, please contact the team on the address mentioned below.

The Team

Team Shaurya is mentored by Dr. R.K.Mittal and comprises of Akash Mohan Singhal, Rahul Garg, Lokesh and Aditya Raghuwanshi. In future the team looks forward to participating in different Robotic Conventions and Competitions worldwide.

Why You Should Contribute

By supporting Team Shaurya’s efforts, you will be contributing to a new phase of robotics in India. Your contribution to Shaurya will:

  • Promote brand BITS-Pilani worldwide
  • Contribute to advancement of Military Robotics in India.
  • Stimulate and encourage the engineering community in India towards developing robotic solutions for real-life implementations.
  • Inspire the student community to undertake projects in the multi-disciplinary field of Autonomous Robotics.

How You Can Contribute

Team Shaurya looks forward to your kind support in achieving the vision of a fully autonomous ground vehicle. Your contribution will be put to good use and produce results that will make the whole nation proud.
BITSAA International has decided to raise Rs 2.5 lakhs for Team Shaurya to support the cost incurred by the team.
For any queries, please get in touch with

Donations[1] can be made online at

Donations can also be made via a check payable to BITSAA Silicon-Valley, Inc.

Further Information

Please visit the Team website

If you have any further queries, please contact

Akash Mohan Singhal (Team Leader, Team Shaurya)
Email: akashmsinghal (at) teamshaurya (dot) com , akashmsinghal (at) gmail (dot) com

[1] BITSAA Intl. and BITSAA Silicon Valley, Inc are non profit 501 (c) (3) organizations. Donations will qualify for tax deductions


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