srikant Visweswariah analog design award fellowship
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Srikant Visweswariah Analog Design Award and Fellowship
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The Srikant Visweswariah Award and the Fellowship have been instituted in the memory of Srikant Visweswariah, an alumnus of BITS Pilani.

Srikant Visweswariah graduated with a degree in Electronics Engineering from BITS Pilani in 1971. He lost his 2-year battle with cancer in April 2009.

Srikant accomplished a lot in his life but was loath to talk about any of it. He graduated nearly at the top his class at BITS, chose a career in the Indian Air Force when the whole wide world was open to him. While serving in the IAF he did his M.Tech from IIT, Kanpur. He was persuaded to take early retirement from the IAF by no less a person than Mr Abdul Kalam, the former president of India so that he could lead a team of engineers to develop the avionics for the Light Combat Aircraft for the IAF. When Srikant was satisfied that he had done his bit for the LCA project and the nation, he took on a variety of assignments – cofounder of a software company, group R&D manager at General Motors etc. but most of all he did what he loved the most – travel the world.

While Srikant dabbled in business now and then, his real passion was academics and in particular microwave, radar and signal processing. During a visit to BITS in 2005, it was pointed out to Srikant that the study of high frequency analog electronics is relegated in recent times in favor of computer science and digital electronics at BITS. He felt that it was unfortunate that India (and to some extent, the world) is slowly but surely losing skills in this critical area. Appropriately, his family has instituted this award to help mitigate this problem to a small extent by encouraging talented youngsters at BITS to take up this field of study.

Structure of the award and the fellowship

The award and the fellowship shall be disbursed in two phases. The first phase shall be an analog design competition to be organized during or before APOGEE as deemed fit by the APOGEE Organizing Committe at BITS, Pilani. The second phase of the award is a fellowship that shall be awarded to the student winning the analog design competition if he/she takes up a project on analog electronics and related fields in his/her final semester at BITS, Pilani. In the case, where the student wins the award multiple times, only one Fellowship shall be awarded.


Analog Design Competition

  1. Eligibility

i. Student must be enrolled full-time in the First Degree programme at BITS, Pilani -Pilani campus.

ii. It shall be a solo participation competition. Only one student per project shall be allowed.

  1. Selection

i. The selection of the winners shall be done by the APOGEE Judges Panel consisting of Faculty from the Electronics and Electrical, and Electronics and Instrumentation department.

ii. In case the number of participants is large, the competition can have an elimination round as deemed fit by the APOGEE Organizing Committee.

iii. All responsibility for organizing the competition including publicity shall lie with the APOGEE Organizing Committee. If the committee needs assistance, BITSAA International can provide support as and when required.

  1. Award

i. The award shall be called the Srikant Visweswariah Analog Design Award

ii. Total prize money of INR 10,000 shall be awarded in this competition. The prize money shall be split as below.

a. 1st Prize - 5000 INR

b. 2nd Prize - 3000 INR

c. 3rd Prize - 2000 INR

ii. The award shall be presented in the Valedictory Ceremony of APOGEE by the family of Srikant Visweswariah. If the family of Srikant is not able to travel to Pilani, the same shall be presented by the Vice-Chancellor or any other dignitary as deemed fit by the APOGEE Organizing Committee.

iii. The prize money shall be transferred to the BITS Pilani SWD Account by BITSAA International from where it would be transferred to the students' Institute accounts at BITS, Pilani.


Srikant Visweswariah Analog Fellowship

  1. Eligibility

i. Student must be enrolled full-time in the First Degree programme at BITS, Pilani -Pilani campus and must be in the final semester of study on-campus at BITS Pilani.

ii. The student should have won the Srikant Visweswariah Analog Design Award atleast once.

iii. The student should have registered for a project based course (Lab oriented, Study oriented, Computer Oriented or any other category as may be added to the BITS curriculum in the future) in either of the following areas -

· Analog electronics(High frequency, microelectronics etc),

· Radio Frequency

· Microwave

· Radar and Signal Processing

iv. The student should provide the documents listed in section b below to BITSAA Scholarships Team and the final decision regarding the award of the Fellowship shall be made by the Scholarships Team and intimated to the student and BITS Pilani administration.

  1. Documents required

i. The student should provide a copy of the registration sheet received from BITS Pilani after registering for the particular project.

ii. A letter from the Professor under whom the project is being pursued certifying that the student is working on the project in the concerned area should be submitted. The letter should also contain an endorsement from the Group Leader of the Department.

iii. At the end of the semester, once the student receives his/her grade-sheet a copy of the sheet should be sent to BITSAA Scholarships Team.

  1. Fellowship

i. The fellowship consists of a cash award of INR 20,000.

iv. The fellowship money shall be transferred to the BITS Pilani SWD Account by BITSAA International from where it would be transferred to the student's Institute account at BITS, Pilani.

  1. Continuation/Termination

i. The fellowship is continued if the student is forced to withdraw from the course for a specified duration due to legitimate reasons (e.g. illness ) . However, completion of the project is a must once the student resumes study.

ii. If the student terminates his/her studies at BITS, Pilani voluntarily or is forced to do so due to poor performance or disciplinary action by the Institute during the period of the fellowship, the fellowship is terminated. If the fellowship has already been awarded, the student should return all the monies received to BITSAA International.

iii. If disciplinary action by BITS, Pilani forces the student to withdraw from the course for a period the decision regarding the continuation of the fellowship rests with BITSAA International and will be taken on a case to case basis.

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