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Burn a Million Calories

06 - 19 Nov , 2016
Completed Event


BITSians across the globe will try and burn a million calories collectively, in 14 days. No matter how you do it: run, track, gym, walk, jog, play any sport!!  We just have to hit the Million mark.

Register online and download the Android app (other platforms use BAMC Web OS)

1. Register for Web OS 
2. Login to the Web OS (every time to report any activity). Report your calories for the day.
3. Leader-board (To see your Rank/standings). 

BAMC Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitsaa.bamc
1. Install BAMC and Google Fit apps from Google Play Store
2. After opening BAMC app, agree to the Disclaimer and Honor Code. Further, please ensure that you add your Name and Email ID carefully (same as the ones you used for registration).
3. BAMC app will allow you to enter BAMC homepage only on 6th Nov (i.e. when the BAMC challenge starts). Once Installed, please don't uninstall the app till the competition end date.
4. Ensure that you are using Google fit for tracking your calorie count. Please add/select your Google Fit account information when prompted by BAMC app (On or after 6th Nov).
5. If you use any Fitness bands or any other activity tracker, please sync the data to Google Fit
6. For activities that can't be tracked, please use the "Add Activity" option in Google Fit and mention the activity and time spent. Google Fit will automatically compute calories. Please do follow the Honor Code while doing this :) !
7. BAMC app will extract raw data from Google fit (which contains both active and inactive calorie count) and calculate actual calories consumed.
8. Once you are using BAMC app (On or after 6th Nov), please use "Sync with Server" option to see updated Leader-board and your Rank.

The data will be analyzed with the following objectives:
1. Update the global calorie counter
2. Update the global leaderboard
3. Update leaderboards with the following filters-Location, Sport/Activity, Day and Week

Ok, so the best part (oh! yeah, we are not done yet!!), the prizes at stake. How do Fitbit Flexes, Flagship Nike trainers, and BITSAA T-shirts sound for a prize? That, of course, goes along with all the weight that you lose. Thrilled much?

Honor Code:
Participants of BAMC undertake that they will not resort to any unfair means during BAMC to report an increased calorie count.

BITSAA, BITS2Fitness, and members of BAMC organizing committee, neither have the liability nor the responsibility towards any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising to the participants as a result of their participation in BAMC. BAMC is an event conducted by BITS Alumni Association to promote importance of healthy lifestyle among BITSians across the globe. BITSAA, BITS2Fitness, and members of BAMC organizing committee are also not responsible for health, injuries, or any other mishaps that may happen to the participants as a result of their participation in BAMC. Please consult your physician for any questions related to health and physical activity.


Day 1

  • 12:00 AM : Nov 1, 2016: The race to burn calories begins...



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Everywhere: your local gym, corridor, garden, and the list continues...

Starts at 12:00 AM GMT on 06 Nov, 2016
Ends at 11:59 PM GMT on 19 Nov, 2016

Whatever you did, it was successful!

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