BITS-AMP (BITS Alumni Mentoring Program)

BITSAA recognizes the important role of alumni mentoring relationships in shaping careers. To this end, BITSAA is proud to announce BITS Alumni Mentoring Program ("BITS-AMP”), to help students and alumni navigate and AMP-lify and enrich their lives beyond BITS.

Through mentoring interactions facilitated by BITS-AMP, a student or alumnus will be able to meet and benefit from life experiences and advice provided by alumni mentors.

Purpose of BITS-AMP

  • Self-assessment and skill development
  • Foster learning through the experience and expertise of other BITS alumni
  • Improve business knowledge across organizational and geographical borders
  • Offer alumni an opportunity to influence educational, career and entrepreneurial aspirations of students, faculty and other alumni

Activities of BITS-AMP

BITSAA envisions the activities of BITS-AMP by setting up goals as follows:

Near Term Goal (Completed)

  • Conduct a dozen mentor-mentee interactions at BGM 2.0 (at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad) on January 4, 2013.
  • Categories of mentorship at BGM 2.0 include
  • Technology Careers (careers in technology – in consulting; at enabling companies; non-technology companies)
  • Business, Strategy, Finance, Consulting, Innovation, Education (includes project management; product management)
  • Media, Marketing, Advertising (includes creative pursuits such as Film, Music, etc.)
  • Mentoring for Businesses – (non-Spark)

Medium Term Goals (Ongoing)

  • Bring all current mentorship initiatives under a common framework. BITS-AMP Mentorship program can then fan out to the chapter level and cover all mentoring topics.
  • Identify global owners and country-level catalysts for mentorship.
  • Expand the list of mentors and offer mentorship through a concerted grassroots campaign.

Long Term Goal (2017 and beyond)

In the long term, the BITS-AMP team envisions complete tech-enablement of the mentorship program including pairing up mentees with the most suitable mentors algorithmically.

How does BITS-AMP work?

As a part of BITS-AMP, BITSAA facilitates a platform for exclusive one-one interactions between a successful alumnus (mentor) and a budding alumnus/student (mentee) who is seeking inroads in the same industry or similar area of expertise. These interactions will be facilitated across various cities or via a virtual medium.

Following that, the mentors and mentees continue to interact. BITS-AMP evaluates the mentoring relationship after the first meeting and after the first month making proactive changes to the pairing depending on a suitability assessment. The program limits each mentee to one mentoring relationship at any given time while each mentor must commit to sharing their experiences with at least one mentee.

  • When the session (of duration: 6 months) dates are announced, aspiring mentees register by filling the sign up forms.
  • BITS-AMP team creates pairs by matching the area of expertise of the Mentors with the desired career of mentees.
  • Throughout the session, the BITS-AMP team supports the pairs to achieve the objectives.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants need to be already graduated.
  • Mentee: Applicants only with clarity of goal and serious commitment for the program throughout the session.
  • Mentor: Experience in profession, willingness to help mentees and desire to give back to Alma mater.

Who will act as mentors for BITS-AMP?

Some prominent mentors from the pilot session (launched at BGM 2014, BITS Pilani HyderabadCampus) include Anurag Jain (CEO of Access Healthcare), Preetish Nijhawan (Managing Partner, Cervin Ventures and Co-founder of Akamai), Girija Krishnamurthy (Partner, Deloitte Consulting), Venu Palaparthi (CEO, Nasdaq OMX), Sudeep Jain IAS (Chairman & MD, Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Development Agency), Phanindra Sama (CEO RedBus), Subhash Chintamaneni (Director of Engineering, Xilinx), Sandeep Arora (COO, Knack Systems), Devender Kumar (MD Ahuja Engineering Services), Mayank Gour (CEO StraVis IT Solutions), Ravi Garikipati (President [24]7 inc) etc.


Because mentoring is a learning and support opportunity, there should be no  expectation that the relationship results directly in a job or business opportunity.

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