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The BITSAA Batch Ambassador program aims to create batch-wise groups for each batch starting from 1954. Batch-wise interactions and connects through respective batch ambassadors would provide a platform for enabling lost friendships, having intellectual discussion, self-organizing trips, fund-raising, discussing opportunities, learning about latest BITS and alumni activities and giving something back to BITS, BITSians and the society together.

Become a Batch Ambassador

Being a Batch Ambassador is a serious responsibility but has countless benefits - the most important one being that you will always be in the knowhow about how your batchmates are doing and who's what and where! You'll be the maven and connector of your batch at BITS. If you're thrilled about that and would like to volunteer to be a Batch Ambassador, you are welcome to contact the Alumni Membership Team at

Become a Batch Ambassador

Who's You Batch Ambassador?

We've captured the names of alumni who have volunteered to be Ambassadors of their batch for BITS Pilani and BITSAA governance.

List of Batch Ambassadors (Since 1954)

Why Batch Ambassadors?

Single Point of Contact: Several BITS batches are extremely well knit: meet-ups in-person, SJR's, active yahoogroups/Facebook Groups, have batch leaders around whom batch-mates rally around in times of crisis and celebration. We would like to identify you, recognize you and enable BITS Pilani, BITSAA and your fellow batch-mates to easily reach out to you. Unfortunately, few other batches do not have these well-knit groups. We would like to "enable you". Membership Directory has reached 35,000+ alumni like you from across the vintages. We would like to identify Batch Ambassadors who will be the single point of contact and become the ‘Go-to’ person(s). We think, this would greatly improve communication that happens from BITS-Pilani and BITSAA across all the batches. This will also aide in any collaboration activities across the batch - learn, inspire and be inspired by the senior batches or your juniors.  

Enabling Membership Verification: (hosted by BITSAA International) has served as the central repository of alumni information for the last decade. Registration is free (we pay for it through generous contributions from donors like you). We spend many more volunteer hours in making sure that the data is secure and is well-maintained. Membership approvals on now are done by committed volunteers in the BITSAA Membership Team. We are also working with BITS, Pilani to verify members through the Office of Alumni Affairs. BITSAA recognizes this to be a bottleneck and we want to change the status quo by introducing a fully peer-verified member directory.  To achieve this, the BITSAA Membership Team aims to create a Membership Verification system as an add-on to This will enable alumni to recognize each other within their batch and help us in sanitizing the 18,000+ dataset. One of BITSAA's key aims is to provide to all alumni a high quality secure directory - please help us in creating this. We would like for Batch Ambassadors from each batch to taking the system through its paces. Please trust us, it will not take much of your time! It will let you take a trip down memory lane. 

Organizing Fundraisers and Other Batch-based Events: Following our landmark, first BITSAA Global Meet 2011 in New Delhi co-hosted by BITS Pilani, BITSAA International and BITSAA Delhi Chapter, several batches began building "Bridges to the Future" for BITS Pilani in the form of fundraising drives. For example BITS Batch of 1976 has raised ~Rs. 70 lakhs in the months following BGM 2011. BITSAA International has the infrastructure (online and physical) to enable you to contribute your time and treasure for our alma mater. We have a 501(C)(3) status in the USA and 80G status in India (through the BITSAA India Trust). Several worthwhile causes are always available and we would like to make sure that every batch remains equally engaged. Batch Ambassadors will be the first people in a batch who BITS Pilani and BITSAA Leadership will look to for guiding various causes. We all want to give back, some of us are discussing and we want to involve you in an organized way. As a Batch Ambassador, you can leverage the batch groups to make a better impact. Coordinating fund-raisers is not the only reason - you may want to conduct Batch get-togethers. Much of these happen ad-hoc right now, we would like to make sure that what all of us as BITS Alumni do and are doing is reported centrally - it will help us be more efficient and help us grow the BITS Pilani brand which is so dear to us. The platform is ALL set, and it is waiting for its Leaders.

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