Bits2Marathon - BITS World 5k Run: 2014

What is 'Bits2Marathon'?

Bits2Marathon is a group for fellow BITSians and alumni to help budding runners achieve their dream of running a Marathon (42.195km).

The aim of this group is to promote running within the BITSian community, by meeting for weekend runs, train as a group for marathons, travel together for running competitions, run for charity changing lives, acquire new friends and stay connected in the process. Being part of a running club helps in terms of running tips and advice from seasoned runners, motivation to run and help in garnering funds when running for charity ( BITS.aid has a  Run for a cause program encouraging Bitsians to run and raise money for the many projects under its banner).

We invite all runners and those interested in running to join the group and advice on running tips, training for races and to raise funds for a cause through running.

Disclaimer: All runners are responsible for personal safety and participation and Bits2Marathon is not responsible for any personal injury or accident

Wear your BITS Pilani T-shirt with pride during the Marathon

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Join the BITS2Marathon Group

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Please join the BITS2Marathon Group to keep in touch with fellow BITSians, get running tips and advice from seasoned runners and above all the motivation to run

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