BITSians in Literature

This list is a living document. BITSAA works very hard to keep these lists up to date. Given that the BITSian community is spread far and wide, BITSAA concedes that the information in this list is by no means absolute. If you would like to recommend edits to this list then please submit your request  here.

NameCategoryBooks authoredBITS batch
Shashi Warrier Fiction, children’s books Children’s books – Suzy’s gift, Hidden Continent Fiction – Hangman’s Journal, RNight of the Krait, The Orphan, Sniper, The homecoming 1976-1981, MA Economics
R. Sukumar Magazines Executive Editor of Business Today 1986-1991
Dilip D’Souza Nonfiction and Columnist Narmada Damned, Branded by Law  
Utkarsh Rai Fiction and Non-Fiction Fiction: Life in a Cubicle and Reteela Safar, Non-Fiction: Offshoring Secrets 1983-1988

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