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BITSAA International was founded with a mission to create the most well-networked alumni community in the world - one that positively enhances the personal and professional lives of BITSians around the world. The volunteers at BITSAA always strive to strengthen the spirit of giving back to BITS-Pilani - towards better infrastructure, student exposure and education quality among other things. BITSAA is looking for contributions to fund many initiatives that help BITSians as well as BITS-Pilani, in the short term as well as long term. For many of us, busy, working professionals, this might be the easiest way to give back.

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What has BITSAA International done so far?

BITSAA has led several initiatives that have benefited BITS Pilani, its students, faculty and the alumni; bringing them together to help create a globally recognized brand. BITSConnect, BITSConnect 2.0, BITS Spark and Oyster Lab are among the largest alumni initiatives for a university in India, and highlight the power and influence of the BITSian Alumni community. BITSAA has also instituted several scholarships to fund students across its campuses through alumni contributions amounting to over $100,000. This endowment is currently managed by the BITSAA Investment Committee (BIC). A complete list of scholarships and awards can be found here. One of the most ambitious and worldwide Bridges to the Future Campaign formed at the genesis of BGM 2011 aimed to raise more than $1 Million for various initiatives to give back to BITS Pilani.

BITSConnect 2.0

Launched in Jan 2013, BITSConnect 2.0 is a multi-million dollar project that envisions bringing state-of-the-art Cisco TelePresence video conferencing and inter-connectivity solutions to all four campuses of BITS Pilani. It enables remote learning and participatory coursework, collaborative research and remote recruitment. BITSConnect 2.0 enabled BITS Pilani to set up the largest deployment of Webex for any University and this technology is also available for the alumni to use and connect with one another. BITSConnect 2.0 was a giant step for BITS Pilani in the direction of becoming a world class university. BITSConnect 2.0 was widely covered in press and was touted as the 'model for higher education in India'. Learn more about the BITSConnect 2.0 initiative >

BITSAA Scholarships

BITSAA distributes scholarships encourage the pursuit of excellence and to ensure that no student at BITS Pilani is denied a holistic educational experience and the opportunity to compete with the best due to a lack of funds. These scholarships have sponsored tuition fees, travel expenses for attending conferences and application costs towards pursuing graduate studies for the students apart from encouraging excellence in academics, sports, and liberal arts. Learn more about the various Scholarships we support >

BITS Spark

BITS Spark aims to make BITS Pilani one of the top entrepreneurship schools in Asia. Learn more about BITS Spark >


The first BITSConnect initiative, completed in January 2004, a $1.5 million (Rs. 7 crores) project jointly led by BITS Alumni and BITS Pilani, resulted in a state-of-the-art campus wide network. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, inaugurated this core network – Neuron created by BITSConnect on March 20, 2004. BITSAA committed $750K for this first BITSConnect initiative and nearly the entire amount has been collected so far from alumni and friends across the globe. Learn more about the BITSConnect initiative >

Oyster Lab

Oyster Laboratory is a distributed VLSI lab that connects all BITS campuses (Pilani, Goa, Dubai and Hyderabad) with an industrial centre at Bangalore. Around 2,000 sq ft of space has been allocated for the lab at the Pilani campus. The Bangalore Extension Centre is intended to facilitate industry collaboration. The lab, which is a collaborative effort between stakeholders like BITS, BITS Alumni Association and industry, boasts of some of the best-in-class Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools. These tools support Full Design Flow, RTL to GDSII, embedded design and board design. It also houses a powerful and scalable compute farm that is accessible over the Neuron network. With such advanced computing infrastructure and EDA software providing very large scale integration and embedded design, the lab ranks among the best in the country. Learn more about the Oyster Lab initiative >

A complete list of BITSAA initiatives is available here. If we're able to catch your attention with what we're doing for BITS Pilani and BITSians the world over, do consider contributing towards our initiative.

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