BITSAA Initiatives

BITSAA International supports multiple initiatives at different points in time. These initiatives are run across the globe in different geographies with the support and dedication of the BITSian community and BITSAA volunteers. Get to know each initiative in detail.

Current Initiatives

Named Travel & Tuition Scholarships/Grants

BITSAA Scholarships is an initiative to encourage the pursuit of excellence and to ensure that no student at BITS, Pilani is denied a holistic educational experience and the opportunity to compete with the best due to a lack of funds. BITS, Pilani alumni have donated over $65,000 to BITSAA International over the years to create 10+ scholarship initiatives spread across all the BITS Pilani campuses. These scholarships have sponsored tuition fees, travel expenses for attending conferences and application costs towards pursuing graduate studies for the students apart from encouraging excellence in academics,sports and liberal arts. Know more >

Alumni Mentoring Program (BITS-AMP)

BITS Alumni Mentoring Program (BITS-AMP) helps students and alumni navigate and AMP-lify and enrich their lives beyond BITS. Through mentoring interactions facilitated by BITS-AMP, a student or alumnus will be able to meet and benefit from life experiences and advice provided by alumni mentors. The core team of this program performs the pairing of mentors with mentees and thereafter lets both parties interact stepping in only wherever facilitation of something or the other is required. Know more >


Batch Ambassador Program 

Soliciting you to be a BITS Pilani Batch Ambassador for your campus, this program aims to create batch-wise groups for each batch starting from 1956. Batch wise groups would provide a platform for enabling lost friendships, having intellectual discussion, self-organizing trips, fund-raising, discussing opportunities, learning latest of BITS activities and giving something back to the society together. Know more >

BITS2BSchool Community

BITS2BSCHOOL is a 1,900-strong group of BITS Pilani alumni who have sights on MBA degrees from the world's leading business schools. In the first year of existence, BITS2BSchool helped raise total admits to the worlds' top b-schools by 50% in 2005, and hit a new admit record in 2006. BITS2BSCHOOL continues to assist prospective applicants by way of discussion forums, lecture series and application tips. Know more >

BITS2MSPhD Community

BITS2MSPhD is an initiative for BITS Pilani students and alumni who aspire for MS and PhD programs from world's leading universities and institutes. For most of us, pursuing graduate studies is a giant leap. Join the group and access the resources which will guide you through the application process - right from test preparations to applying to schools to attending visa interviews. A lot of alumni in reputed universities at various positions – graduate students, research scholars, professors, research scientists and heads of departments - are offering their assistance to guide you through what it takes to pursue your dreams. Know more >


BITS2IAS is an initiative for BITS Pilani students and alumni who aspire to join the Indian Civil Services. The Indian Civil Services is considered as the backbone of India and carries great respect and responsibilities. Even though corporate jobs offer lucrative salaries with incentives, a majority of youngsters still compete and crave entry into the prestigious Indian Civil Services held by the UPSC. Know more >


BITSAA LinkedIn Group

BITS Pilani is the first Indian University to have a network on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is being used by most business schools and universities in the USA to network efficiently. As a BITS Pilani Alumni, we'd like to invite you to make use of a valuable, sophisticated and growing networking/job-search tool available to our alumni: the BITS Pilani Alumni Group on LinkedIn. Know more >

BITS-75 Charitable Trust & Center for Emerging Technologies

BITS-75 Batch Trust aims to promote technology entrepreneurship among BITS students and faculty and inculcate in BITSians the mind-set of ‘Job Creators’ rather than mere ‘Job Seekers’ in the society. One of the major initiatives is to work closely and help BITS set up a 21st century "Center for Emerging Technologies” in Pilani. The trust was formally launched in April 2008 but was conceptualized in 2006. Its members have been proactively interacting with the BITS administration in refining the ideas and action plan. By the time the 70-75 class met for their 35th Coral Jubilee Reunion at BITS during 24-27 Oct 2009 they managed to raise approx. INR 23 lakhs from just 35 contributors. Other members of the BITS 70-75 class continue to pitch in and the class has now raised over Rs. 30 lakhs from 50 contributors. The trust envisions contributing both in Cash and in Kind. Know more >

BITS Embryo 

Embryo is a project to foster strong collaboration of BITS students and faculty with the alumni and friends of the Institute. Through lecture series and collaborative projects, the students can get exposure to the cutting edge technology. It also gives an opportunity to network with the Alumni and friends of BITS, who are reputed academicians and industry leaders. Know more >

BITSAA Career Center

Tired of posting/searching for careeropportunities on multiple yahoo/google/facebook groups. BITSAA brings you oneplatform for all your career needs - guidance, opportunities etc. (still getting set up). Know more >

Past Initiatives

Bridges to the Future

A multi-million dollar initiative, with its genesis in the BITSAA Global Meet 2011, Bridges to the Future aimed to support alumni led programs in four key areas.

  • Faculty Enrichment
  • Student Enrichment
  • BITS Connect 2.0
  •  Community Enrichment : AtmaNirbhara

BITSConnect 2.0

BITSConnect 2.0 enabled BITS Pilani to set up the largest deployment of Webex for any University and this technology is also available for the alumni to use and connect with one another. (Alumni Connect) The infrastructure can be used by alumni in two ways. (Alumni-Alumni & Alumni-BITS). Know more >


BITSAA Million Miles Campaign

BITSAA-SVC under this campaign consolidated the donated Airline Frequent Flyer Miles and award travel tickets to deserving candidates in BITS for international travel to present technical papers. Know more >

BITSAA Credit Card

BITSAA International had partnered with Capital One to launch its newest fundraising program – a BITSAA branded credit card for BITS alumni in the US. This custom credit card had the most memorable and favorite campus picture on the background. Capital One would make valuable cash donations to BITSAA for every purchase BITSians made. 

Back to BITS: Sabbatical Program

BITSAA International and BITS Pilani brought to you a unique and fulfilling way to give back to your alma mater. 'Back to BITS' was an effort by the BITSAA Campus Relations Team to connect alumni with theBITS campuses to have a sabbatical at BITS Pilani. We warned that all the nostalgia and being around students could make you feel much younger than you were. Know more >

Host a BITSian: Hospitality for Fundraising

This initiative aimed at making use of the opportunity provided by an alumni offer to accommodate a BITSian individual or family on holiday or work for Fundraising for BITSAA. The money raised went as a donation to BITSAA for its various other initiatives. Know more >


Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

The vision of this initiative is to inspire BITSians to play a prominent role in leading diverse entrepreneurial activities in the Country and make a significant contribution in global entrepreneurial innovation. The idea for CEL was seeded by the BITSAA Center for Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital (CEVC), with the vision of promoting the spirit of entrepreneurial thinking among the BITSian community . The students and the Institute shared this vision and came together in record time to set up the center. The concerted efforts of the students, alumni and faculty resulted in the Centre (set up within a short span of 6 months) being named as one of the top 5 centers of Entrepreneurship among Indian universities. Know more >


The first BITSConnect initiative, completed in January 2004, a $1.5 million (Rs. 7 crores) project jointly led by BITS Alumni and BITS Pilani, resulted in a state-of-the-art campus wide network. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Hon'ble President of India, inaugurated this core network – Neuron created by BITSConnect on March 20, 2004. This first BITSConnect initiative provided BITS with a gigabit backbone, broadband access and telephones and video conferencing abilities (IP telephony) in every room in every bhawan (hostel), all staff quarters, the guest house, as well as wireless access in Sky and the Library. BITSAA committed $750K for this first BITSConnect initiative and nearly the entire amount has been collected so far from alumni and friends across the globe. Know more >

Inspired Karters Racing Fundraising Initiative 

Inspired Karters Racing is a team of over 40 undergraduate students from BITS, Pilani who conceptualize, design, manufacture, test and race:

  • Single Seater, Off Road buggie
  • Single Seater, Open wheeled Formula type cars.

The club consisted of two teams which participated in two national level competitions:  (a) SAE INDIA BAJA: This contest challenges participating teams to design and fabricate their own off-road vehicle. The vehicles are judged on their ability to traverse a harsh off-road racing course while not succumbing to the rigors of it. (b) SAE INDIA SUPRA: This competition challenges college level teams to conceive, design, fabricate their own open-wheeled, formula style, racing cars which have to be durable enough for circuit racing.  Know more >

Oyster Lab

India is seen emerging as a centre for designing, developing and fabricating high-class semiconductor chips and BITS Pilani is getting ready for that day. BITS has set up a broadband gigabit network called Neuron as part of BITSConnect, a global movement of BITS Pilani alumni, faculty and students. In a fine example of industry-institute cooperation, BITSConnect has commissioned a $50 million VLSI Lab initiative – The Oyster Lab(OLAB); the project aims to conduct semiconductor research and development. This makes BITS Pilani at par with institutes in US and Europe. Know more >



BITS.aid is a community to aid all BITSian volunteering activities. We are the global face of BITS volunteering program. BITS.aid is the forum for BITSians who want to participate in leading initiatives or volunteering for the community. Know more >

BITSAA 100% Placement Initiative

BITS Pilani has witnessed its alumni achieving successful and illustrious careers’ in an assortment of fields in industry as well as academia. We invite the distinguished alumni of BITS Pilani to aid in providing a platform to the brilliant minds of the forthcoming academic year where they can kick-start their career, and inspire them to reach the high-standards set by their predecessors. Know more >

BITSAA Women's Council 

The BITSAA Women's Council is an organisation that aims to provide a "platform of connections, resources and opportunities for BITSian women." It believes that, with an appropriate support system, the BITSian woman can successfully achieve her family dreams and career goals. Its mission is to empower BITSian women worldwide to achieve their dreams through BITSian networking and leadership. The idea shines stark in relevance today, when women are faced with tough choices and challenges in everyday life, in balancing career aspirations, fostering a healthy family and pursuing their personal interests. The council aims to create a pipeline of women to fill leadership positions in corporations, academia & NGOs. Know more >

Let's Promote BITS Pilani

'Let's Promote BITS-Pilani' (LPBP) initiative, now inits Phase-3, started last year as a casual discussion in BITSAA mailers amidst growing concerns on the popularity of BITS among the student community. We (the students and alumni) wanted BITS and all its campuses to be the first choice for an engineering and science aspirant. Besides this, the unique features and flexibilities offered at BITS Pilani are often not clear to many students who want to shape their future at BITS campuses. Know more >


BITSAA-SVC Mentorship Program

Mentoring is one of the key elements for career growth. In BITS, we have always been used to taking advice from seniors. BITSAA-SVC is trying to recreate the same magic, but in a more professional setting. We now have a huge pool of experienced BITSians in higher education,technology, entrepreneurship and executive management who are willing to be mentors to fellow BITSiansKnow more >

BITSAA Academic Councils Initiative 

BITSAA academic council aims to build an ecosystem where BITS alumni practicing in niche research/technology areas can get together, leverage each others network, and facilitate, among other things:
  • Mutually beneficial collaboration on projects across organizations they represent.
  • Principled spotting of research groups that can effectively provide solutions for hard problems  that organizations (funding agencies, etc.) wish to solve.
  • Organization of international and regional conferences, special issues in journals etc.

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