BITSAA International Scholarships is an initiative to encourage the pursuit of excellence and to ensure that no student at BITS, Pilani is denied a holistic educational experience and the opportunity to compete with the best due to a lack of funds. These scholarships have sponsored tuition fees, travel expenses for attending conferences and application costs towards pursuing graduate studies for the students apart from encouraging excellence in academics, sports, and liberal arts.


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 Current MCN Scholarships

S. No.
Name of Scholarship
Basic Criteria (YoS = Year of Study)
Hiralal Agarwal Scholarship
YoS: 1st Year; Campus: Hyderabad
2.Santha E Iyer Scholarship
YoS: 1st Year; Campus: Pilani
3.Bhushan Bhatia Scholarship
YoS: 1st Year; Campus: Goa
4.Ashok Agarwal Scholarship
YoS: 1st Year; Campus: Hyderabad
5.Pendyala Vamsi Krishna Memorial Scholarship
YoS: 2nd Year; Campus: Pilani
6.Rakesh Chandra Scholarship
YoS: 2nd Year; Campus: Pilani
7.Sri Chaman Lal Scholarship
YoS: 3rd Year; Campus: Pilani
8.Class of 1966-’71 Scholarship Initiatives
YoS: Any; Campus: Pilani
9.S.S. Seshadri Memorial Scholarship
YoS: Any; Campus: Pilani
Mr Arun Kumar Agarwal Scholarship
YoS: 1st Year; Campus: Pilani
11.Mahendra Ram Dalmia Memorial Scholarship
YoS: 2nd Year; Campus: Pilani
12.Divya-Dileepan ScholarshipYoS: Any; Campus: Pilani
13.Dr.  S.K Agarwal ScholarshipYoS: Any; Campus: Pilani

A student need not apply to these MCNs separately. Application for the institute MCN scholarships to the respective SWDs are also considered for the BITSAA MCN scholarships.

Travel Scholarship

BITSAA Travel Scholarships supports the travel expenses of students participating in academic events of International repute. BITSAA currently offers travel assistance under the following schemes:

  1. BITSAA-IRU Partial Travel Grant
  2. Air-Miles
  3. 0% Loan Scholarship

The generic guidelines for the BITSAA travel scholarships can be found here.

Graduate App Scholarship

The BITSAA Graduate Application Scholarship provides financial assistance to BITSians for their applications to MS/PhD programs. Know more.

Project Scholarship

In the past BITSAA has supported the development of India’s First Humanoid ACYUT and its participation at international level competitions and conferences.

Prof. I J Nagrath Student Project Fund

Paper Publication Assistance

This assistance comes from the endowment fund donated by the batch of 1966. Four grants, each worth Rs. 5,000 for undergrad students and two grants worth Rs. 10,000 each for post-graduate students are to be awarded for publishing papers in reputed journals. Know more.

Zero Percent Loan Scholarship

Zero percent loan scholarship is aimed at providing assistance for various academic purposes such as under graduate studies at BITS, paper publication, attending international conferences, seminars and competitions, MS/PhD applications etc. Know more.

BITSAA-BITSMUN Travel Scholarship

The BITSAA-BITSMUN Travel scholarship has been initiated with a purpose of supporting BITSians participating in leadership, public speaking, entrepreneurship events, both within India and abroad. Know more.

Student Project Funding

Student Project Funding is an initiative by BITSAA to help students working on challenging projects in raising funds through crowdfunding initiatives. Know more

Create a New Scholarship or Donate for an Existing Scholarship

You can create a named scholarship or donate to the BITSAA International Corpus. Click here to read about naming rights for a new scholarship. You can also decide the eligibility conditions for the named scholarship.

If the donated amount is less than the amount mentioned above, then all such amounts shall be pooled together into a corpus. BITSAA International shall create scholarships from this corpus and shall decide the eligibility conditions. 
Know more.

Contact Scholarship Team

In case of any query, a prospective donor or a recipient can email the scholarship team at:


Past Scholarships

  1. Ram Nivas Yadav Scholarship
  2. K.K. Rao Scholarship

Past Recipients of BITSAA Scholarships


Information about the current endowments and more can be seen here.

BITSAA Scholarships Brochure & Impact Newsletter

Support for Thesis Abroad

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